The grey undertone of the ivory epi

  1. For those who have seen it irl, does the grey in any way make the white look dirty? For some reason white with grey reminds me of dirty snow! :yucky: I hope it looks better irl!
  2. I only saw the Passy bag and I loved it. The Passy bag wasn't the bag I would want to add to my wishlist, but I am thinking to add it now. The Ivoire is not grey at all, but it isn't a bright white either. That's why I like it!
  3. I put my name on the list for an ivory Jasmin today so I'm going to take a look at it on Friday!
  4. I didn't notice any grey on the Jasmin that I saw in the fact, I thought how nice it looked and worried that if I got anything in ivoire, that *I'd* make it dirty real fast.
  5. Nope, it's a pure white. I saw the Speedy, Jasmin and Passy and they looked about as white as the background on this page does..they were pure white.
  6. Gosh, Rebecca that sounds so pretty with purple undertones intead of gray.
  7. It's not white white, more like an off-white. I wouldn't say it looks dirty, but it's not bright white either. I liked it!
  8. Well not the background on the responses part but on the very back part, like this:
  9. ^Definitely would not glare bright white instead kind of very light shade of purple that's almost lilac white instead? Not yellow I mean like the square in your comment.
  10. I like the ivory.
  11. I have not seen it irl- but the pics that have been posted make me want a bag so bad!
  12. I really didn't notice any undertones of any other color, really. It was a pure white. The color it the end looks in this pic is just about exactly how it appears in person:

    This pic shows it off pretty well also:
  13. Ooh, thanks Rebecca! Can't wait to see the Ivorie Jasmin irl on Friday! :nuts:
  14. i just saw the ivory Epi in the boutique today and it is a nice warm off-white. it has a very very very pale grey tinge from afar but up close it actually has a very pale and warm beige too. its definitely not bright white but i wouldn't refer to it as dirty snow either. i like it and it matches Damier Azur perfectly :yes:

    OT: they also had the dune Mini Lin and i wasn't as amazed as i expected to be. its a nice neutral colour, but a bit too pale imo. i prefer the camel they used in the men's Initiales bags.
  15. i love love the ivorie speedy pictured above