The Greenloop ~ 30% Off Envirosax Reusable Shopping Bags

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  1. bag - You are amazing for tirelessly finding great deals for all of us!!! Thank you!

    The Envirosax bags are great! I have a bunch and use them all the time. I can't have enough. They hold a lot and have withstand very heavy loads. You can just throw them in the wash for easy cleaning.
  2. You're welcome kdo! Like the forum, my posting sales has become an addiction for me also. Would you agree that I need to 'get a life'?? LOL! It's actually fun and very much a challenge.

    You've also answered my questions about these bags. Having never purchased them, I was curious to know how durable they are. Thanks!
  3. I KNOW what you mean about the addiction. Heck, what am I doing on the Forum at this hour?? Kicking my butt off, now. G'night, bag!
  4. G'night kdo! I'm close behind considering I've been here for almost the entire day! Boy, my butt is sore! LOL!
  5. Envirosax bags are wonderful!!!
  6. Oooh! Thanks for this, bagchondriac! I love Envirosax!
  7. Additional info: The bags already show as 30% off on the site (sale ends 2/2). The coupon BYOB09 gives you free shipping on top of it! I got a few more of these bags as I use them all the time. Because they are so lightweight and roll up into small little cigar shapes I can keep them in my handbag. Gone are the days of feeling bad for once again leaving my reusable shopping tote in the car when at the store.
  8. Thanks so much! I've been wanting these for a while, but didn't want to pay full price!
  9. Or if you're buying more than one set you can join the mailing list for a one time use code for 15% off. Shipping is $5, so you can do the math for whichever is the greater discount.
    The 5 bag sets retail for $36 at most places and are never on sale so this is a really great deal.:tup: Too bad they don't have all the patterns. I'd need a shopping cart's worth of these.:graucho: