The Green Hologram Spy

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  1. I was fooling around on a Chinese auction site and guess what I came across? :nuts: The green hologram spy! I had no idea what it looked like; such a surprise to see pictures of it! The color's darker than I thought; the handle's hue is pretty cool, but I think I'll opt for saving for my gray couture spy. I just hope that by the time I have the money they can still find me one!

    Anyway, thought you all might be interested in the pictures :graucho: I have no idea which country the seller resides in, as on the auction just says "other countries"; but anyway, it looks like she's not willing to ship out of the country. What a lucky but crazy lady to want to sell a rare bag like that!
  2. Pictures~

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  3. Holy crap.. I did not know that Fendi made the holograms in this colour. It's absolutely stunning !
  4. ^^I think only 4 were made worldwide, or something along those lines, and at least one of them was damaged; it's one of the rarest spies I think?
  5. very pretty! and yes, I think it is extremely rare. I always liked this color better than the bronze, though.
  6. Haha.. that really sucks that one is damaged. I'd want to run myself over if it was me that did it ! :Push:
  7. ^^Haha, yes, I think I would rather have myself run over than to have it damaged! :lol:
  8. its beautiful!!!!!!!
  9. Wow! Thanks for posting the pics~! It's always nice to see these rare bags! I always thought these fortuny spies were amazing!:drool:
  10. OMG....this has been my Holy Grail spy for so long, what website is it on?????
  11. Oh get it Saich, get it!!

    Thank you for posting pictures for us. I had no idea this even existed. :smile:
  12. Any idea of what a bag like this goes for??? is the sky the limit? It's frankly stunning!!!
  13. OMG Such a gorgeous piece ....why does she have it sitting on the floor.
  14. This is such a beautiful rare spy, can anyone find a link to the auction?????as would love to see the listing
  15. wow the colour is like nothing i have ever seen before - amazing