The Greeks Club!

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  1. seriously I couldn't find any other...

    I know there aren't many of us but c'mon ladies! show up!:biggrin:
  2. At first I thought you meant Greeks as in sororities :P, then I saw you are in Crete!

    I'm in! Let me call Elina!:smile:
  3. seriously? nobody else? :hrmm:
  4. It is probably the time difference? :smile:
  5. nah... ladies here don't know about tpf! we need to spread the news! ;)
  6. ^ Or keep it a secret exclusive club... :graucho: I tried to convince a couple of friends, who are into fashion and particularly branded bags and shoes, to join but they gave up on the 1st day. Too much information is overwhelming. There are some guys active in LV and Hermes, like chrislovesbags, and another guy that I forget his nickname. I doubt they are into girly chit chat though!

    So how is life teaching?

    Edit, I see you are on NSD, I want to try too for October! I need to save some money for X mass presents...
  7. That's exactly why I'm in for! Christmas! hehe
    you should give it a try. It's actually working better when you have support from others.

    So, what do you do?
  8. I most definitely will try it! Starting tomorrow!

    What do I do like a job? I do nothing, I'm a housewife :smile:
  9. Believe me, If I could afford it I'd love to be a housewife... (but to be like crazy rich and famous :lol:)
  10. ^ Crazy rich would be fine by me, famous I wouldn't like at all lol!!!

    I consider my self very lucky to be able to take it easy, staying at home is recently a luxury. However I'm not idle or anything I 'm taking Japanese language and calligraphy lessons :smile:
  11. Whoa! That's quite interesting! How come? Are gonna need it or just for fun? I' d love to know Japanese! It's so ground-breaking!
  12. Hi girls! I was so glad to see two Greeks in the PF. Do you know if there are more of us?
  13. Elina0408 is Greek and a personal friend but she lives in London :smile:

    Cat are you in Athens?
  14. Yes, I live in Athens in Kifissia. So glad you answered back. I can't find many Greeks in tPF and now with the crisis I doubt we sell many Bals here. Tell me about you.:smile:
  15. My husband's family lives in Kifissia, I'm 4th generation Athenian, live in the center and will never leave haha!

    Haven't been at the Bal boutique for a long time, last time I was there was to help out a TPF friend that she was coming from Denmark => Athens and wanted some info on the stock. I've no idea about resellers etc, as I'm not knowledgeable (can't tell a fake if it hit me in the head) so I stick with boutiques.
    Big fan of CL, Hermes, and Lanvin :smile: