The greatest love

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  1. On Wed at 12:44 p.m. we welcomed our baby girl into this world. It was such an amazing experience...definitely the best experience of my life.

    On Tue morning I woke up and experienced a bit of brown spotting. I had a feeling that it was the day and that it had been a bit of bloody show but I went ahead and went on with the day as if nothing were happening. I ended up meeting w/a girlfriend for lunch and spent the day at the mall walking. I had been having menstural like cramping throughout the day but it didn't become regular till about 6-7 pm. At midnight I decided to call my doctor since I had become 4 minutes apart with 1 minute contractions...he didn't pick up my calls but the hospital told me to come in anyways to get checked. At 12:50 we arrived and I was at 4-5cm dialated. I was feeling lucky since they weren't able to get my doctor and it looked like the on call doctor would be delivering my baby. At 6a.m. I was at 9cm but for some reason my cervix, although fully effaced, didn't want to move over the babies head. Then the news came in that my doctor was coming in and I lost a bit of focus since I dreaded seeing him. By 9am my contractions were coming in back to back and the pain became unbearable and unfortunately my cervix had still stayed a bit "tight lipped" over the babies head (i think being tense from knowing my doctor was coming made relaxation a bit difficult) I went ahead and requested an epidermal and requested it be a very light one. The anesthesiologist gave me a 1/4 dose which allowed me to rest for a bit and at 12:15 we began to push the baby...30 minutes later my beautiful baby girl had arrived. Pushing was such a beautiful time, seeing her hair poke out w/the mirror just made it so amazing I honestly felt like it was more spiritual more than anything. Afterward it was apparent that she had some meconium in her lungs and had to be suctioned. I didn't see her for 3 hours (absolutely the most unbearable 3 hours of my life) since they wanted her to be observed just in case since her breathing had been off. Fortunately with all that she still had a 8/9 apgar score and sucks like no other! I was worried that the separation would hinder breastfeeding, but she sucks like no other and fortunately it's been easy :smile:.

    The love of my life:yahoo:
    Zara Suzy King 7lb 0oz 19 inches 12:44 Jan 14th

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  2. Congrats! So glad everything worked out like you wanted it to! (I know I dont post here much but I have been following your story) The baby is beautiful!!!
  3. Awwww...what a beautiful story and an equally beautiful princess!!! Congrats, madamelizaking!!! I am so happy everything worked out for you the way you wanted it to!
  4. OMG!!! :love: Congrats, hun! Sounds like the experience was a wonderful one! I am so happy for you, and Zara (awesome name, BTW) and you are both stunning!!!
  5. You both look wonderful and yay for you - if you got her out in 30 minutes, thumb your nose at your doctor next time you see him - Mr... "too small pelvis" crapola. The woman's body can do amazing, amazing things! Congrats to a healthy delivery!
  6. Soo Cute! Finally huh!
  7. OMG Congrats!!!! I love that pic of you and her, so precious!!!
    There is nothing like an angel to brighten your day :love:
    Congrats again! She's gorgeous!!
  8. Congratulations! Zara is too cute and you look great too for just having your baby girl!
  9. So glad you had a positive experience. Zara is beautiful!!!
  10. Congratulations, she is beautiful!
  11. wow! congrats!!! we had wondered where you had gone to, and now we know :smile:. im so glad that things worked out well for you and that in the end it happened the way you wanted it to and you were in control! zara is absolutely gorgeous!!
  12. Zara is beautiful!!!! So glad that everything worked out so well for you, and that you had such a wonderful experience!!! Congratulations!!
  13. Glad to hear your delivery went well.

    Congrats on your baby girl. She's beautiful!
  14. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  15. Beautiful story, beautiful baby and her mum, congratulations!