The Great Singapore Sale!

  1. The sale is on! :yahoo:

    Have you Singapore-based PFers plunged in?

    And what bag deals should we be looking out for? :wondering
  2. Hi piquedame, I'm a browser, not a buyer. :biggrin: Never been interested in the GSS but maybe this year, I might venture out (not to Orchard Road though)... Maybe ...
  3. hi again passerby! the crowds are daunting too. :shocked: i'm just glad my work sked is irregular enough that i can occasionally go window shopping on weekday mornings. i just wonder if any of the quality bag retailers offer any good deals during the sale!
  4. Online shopping - or rather browsing - is so much fun, I am looking at independent designer sites now. Many creative people out there, piquedame.

    Window shopping on weekdays - good idea! During lunchtime, I pop into OG (Chinatown) every now and then, but seldom buy anything. Except for a cute little wallet with an applique of a dog sewn on to it :biggrin:
  5. Ahh, GSS is back !! Not SG-based, JB-based here, just a skip & a hop away...sigh, need to renew my Indo passport at the consul tomorrow...its been a month since I was last in Orchard Rd.
  6. I don't think fashion houses participate in the GSS. But some are having their mid year sales like Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss & Tommy.
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