The Great Debate..Mahala or Ramona???

  1. The great debate in my head at the moment is which bag should be my first JChoo. The Mahala or Ramona? I fell in love with the Mahala my friend bought but she told me about the Ramona she thought was a great bag too. Any thoughts on that topic? I'm 5'10" and have a thing about small purses and small jewlery. If things get too small, I think they look too teen for me. Anyone think the Mahala is a small bag? I just love the shape of it and hoping it will work for me. To me it seems the Mahala looks fun and the Ramona looks elegant. What are your 2 cents? :girlsigh:Thanks in advance!
  2. I couldn't decide on this. My first Choo was a Ramona, but was quickly joined by a Malena and a Mahala. If you are like the rest of us, it won't matter which one you get, because you'll end up with the other one too! :graucho:

    But here are my humble opinions. Mahala and Ramona are both large bags. Ramona is wider and handles are slightly longer than the Mahala. Mahala is more wedge shaped
    when you wear it. Ramona is flatter. I am what they call *Rubenesque.* :shame: This is why you'll never see modeling pics. The Ramona looks slightly better on a bigger frame. But the Mahala looks great, too. I love the outer pockets on the Mahala. I love the inner pockets on the Ramona. What a big help I wasn't!
  3. "What a big help I wasn't!"

    Geez Jburgh! By the end of your post even I was doing the Hokey-Pokey! :happydance:;)

    But I think you absolutely said it best when you said "If you are like the rest of us, it won't matter which one you get, because you'll end up with the other one too!" Isn't that the truth!

    I love all the colors that the Mahala comes in, but I prefer the shape of the Ramona. IMO though, if you love the Mahala, go for that one since it is such a distinctive looking bag! :love:
  4. Get a Ramona. Then get a Mahala for your next bag...or the other way around...says the girl who doesn't have either one! I like the smaller size of my Riki and Maddy, both little sisters of the Ramona and Mahala.
  5. :tup::tup:
    I totally agree!
  6. Or get the Mahala, and get the Ramona as your second bag! :yes:
    They're like Lays, you can't have just one. :party:
  7. :lol::lol:

    But at least there not fattening :lol:
  8. :roflmfao:

    I started off with a Ramona and actually thought the Mahala was :yucky:

    I just could not get into the shape or style of the bag and ended up buying a Riki and then another Riki....

    But for some reason, I fell for the Black Mahala and then I was hooked! Now I have more Mahala's than Ramona's :shame:
  9. auctionaddict - we are all not intentionally trying to make your decision harder. Both are great bags. And one can look dressier than the other, depending what it is made from (ex. liquid patent versus biker leather). I agree with Stinkerbelle, that I like the shape of the Ramona, but the Mahala comes in some more fashion forward (not trendy, tho') colors. And I agree with Lady Chinadoll, Choos are like potato chips, you can't just have one. While I'm being so agreeable today, I also agree with jmcadon - "Get a Ramona. Then get a Mahala for your next bag...or the other way around."

    See, they are all good options. It is more about the emotional reaction you have to the bag. Which one are you obsessing about more?
  10. Thanks for all the input! I am totally obsessing about the Mahala. So I think that is the one I will go for first. A couple things, I had the chance to buy a Ramona in great condition for $650, chocolate brown. But passed because I can really only afford one at the moment. So sort of down I let that go, it was a really very pretty bag. And two I called JChoo online today and asked about sales and the Mahala. And the sales lady asked me WHAT SIZE Mahala? Wait a minute, I had no idea they came in different sizes? How did I miss that? Do they come in different sizes? I have been looking for a months how did I not notice that? If there is a medium and large of course I want the Large. OMG someone fill me in on this news! I'm heading back to the JC site now and figure out this size issue. If there are different sizes I am SO glad I found that now, rather then parting with $1000 or more for a medium. Yikes!
  11. There is only ONE size of MAHALA !!!!!! AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa :girlsigh:
    The Maddy looks just like a Mahala that shrank about 30%.

  12. I love the Mahala!
  13. Yes....and I want to again thank you for that! ;) :heart:
  14. I have both, a Navy Ramona and Red Mahala. I fell in love with the Navy Ramona when it was on pre-order on BG's web site--finally broke down and got it at the JC boutique. I wasn't sold on the Mahala at first, and my SA kept telling me how wonderful the red was and it was going to sell out, and she was right. I much prefer the Mahala. I'm tall like you and don't like small bags. I have several Choo's and even though the Ramona is truly a classic, and I do really like it, I do prefer the size and convenience of the Mahala.:smile:
  15. Okay going for the Mahala, for sure. Now just need to find one I can afford. I currently live in northern Indiana (the sticks really) where most people shop at Kohl's so my choices for this purchase are limited to the internet. I have called a few places that sell JChoo but this being my first purchase, I have no relationship with a sales person. I'm left to stalking store web sites and making a pest of myself by calling various boutiques. Also eBay, I see one that another purse forum member is sellling. Maybe we can agree on a price that works for both of us. By the way, what did anyone think of the Ramona price? $650 in very good condition? It's gone and not an option for me at this point. But I still have $650 to put towards the Mahala! Thanks so much for helping me sort this out. Most people I know would be bored to tears with this decision or think I was crazy for spending this much on a purse. Oh one more thing, I sales person at JChoo in NY said it's possible he will have a plum Mahala when the sales start, he has quite a few in now. Any thoughts on which COLOR Mahala? They have so many cool ones. Basic black to last forever? Or something fun like purple? Any thoughts on that?