The Great Bay Bag!!!! Pics from my SA at NM!!!

  1. I asked my SA to send me some pics of all the different Bay bag styles and I wanted to share them with you! I swear, this bag is THE bag this season! Here are some pics finally of someone modeling the bags! It makes a huge difference! The navy has my name written all over it!!! :graucho: Anyway, here is some information as to what is going to be available for pre-order at NM.

    In-stock availability includes:

    Lg N/S pkt tote in orange $1795-

    Med pkt tote in orange, camel, navy, and sage $1680. See pics of navy
    and sage below-:drool:

    Mlti cmp shldr in sage (green) and moka (brown) $1795. Moka is shown

    Bay 70's hobo in navy and camel $1595. Camel is shown below-

    NM is now also taking pre-orders for the following Chloe bags that have not yet hit stores:

    "Bay Bag Quilt"
    Travel satchel in ecru, lgt taupe, and blanc. $1780
    N/S Bugatti in cannelle. $1635
    Bay med N/S tote in royal (blue) and blanc. $1635

    "Bay bag Patent"
    Bay med n/s tote in black. $1860
    Bay slim hobo in black. $1380
    Bay slim hobo - calf in blanc. $1190

    My SA's name is Lisa Hamlin if you are interested or have questions (248) 635-8442.

    Enjoy ladies!!!:love:
    DSC00525.JPG DSC00526.JPG DSC00527.JPG DSC00528.JPG DSC00529.JPG
  2. Wow Jag, you have a wonderful SA you have! I guess the BAY bag is the "IT" bag of the season!

    I guess I have to be a party pooper though :hysteric: and say they kinda look like those old school book bags that elementary kids used to wear...(kinda like the little boy in Forest Gump). I can appreciate why so many love it but I guess for me it looks a bit too formal. I noticed in the photos the only time people look great with the Bay bag is when they are dressed up. I dress too casually on a day-to-day basis to do that. :p

    I guess you ladies will just have to buy the bag and model it for me so I'm convinced to run out and buy one. Enablers!
  3. Cool SA to do that. Nice bags but have to say i prefer the quilted one though!
  4. Wow, thanks for all the great information and pics, jag! I apologize in advance if I'm missing something here, but does this list indicate that Neimans is NOT getting the black quilted Bay that is featured in the Chloe print ads? Or is that what they are calling the "Bay bag Patent --Bay med n/s tote in black. $1860"? Hmmmm.....

    Chloe black quilted Bay print ad.JPG
  5. Good question Cosmo! I don't know what to tell you. All I know is that I want one and that quilted one is absolutely TDF!!!
  6. Which do you all like better: the navy one in the second pic or the quilted one in the Chloe ad??? Ahhhh! I want both!

  7. I'm only diggin this one (below). It has less floppy ears.

    It's just that I'm finding multiple long tabs and the detailing on the front of the Bay bag is simply too much. This pictured model below is more refined and I can see me getting a black addition if it was small enough. However I'm not the majority (?) in liking this 'arm candy' to be the next great, "it" bag of 07.:crybaby: Well at least not all the additions?

    But please what is the name of this purse being displayed below?

  8. I looooooove the quilted in ivory (not in the pics), but all these pics are divine as well IMO!!
  9. Very nice SA, knows good customer service for sure!!

    I agree tho, I am smitted by the quilted bay :girlsigh:

  10. Saw many of these IRL at NM last night, except for the Quilted which my SA said they won't have in for a while . . . have to say that my absolute favorite of the unquilted Bays is the Navy, it is just a great rich blue and the bag is lighter than you might expect given its size. :smile:
  11. Jag, thanks for posting the pictures. =)
  12. Thanks for posting I am stillhooked on the quilted but am not shure if moka or black...
  13. Thanks for posting Jag! I wish SA are like that in OZ. They treat you like crap here! Unless they know you have money.

    I'm in love with the quilted bay! The navy bay is hot too! :love:
  14. Thanks for posting pics Jag! The Bay hasn't arrived in the stores in Denmark yet as far as I know so it's great to see some styles and colours in advance!
    Do you know what colour it is in the third pic? Is it sage?
    I was going to get a quilted in black, but the one in the third pic just looks sooo delicious!
  15. LOVE that black patent shoulder bag...beautiful!!