The gray deborah

  1. I agree, it's very cute! I just wish it had some kind of closure (ie zipper) on top.
  2. I love this bag! Messengerbaglover had posted photos, at one point I believe, and it does look so much better irl!
  3. I thought I'd like the light grey, but for some reason IRL, the light grey doesn't work with the gold hardware, for me anyway...
  4. i got the deborah in light grey and i love it and have gotten so many complements about the bag. it is very cute!
  5. This is the ONE MJ bag I adore this season......
  6. my mom just bought this bag....her first MJ. it's really gorgeous IRL :smile:
  7. I think this bag is so cute. Is it heavy?
  8. Wehn I tried it on with the stuffings inside it was not heavy at all..
    And I do like the light grey with the gold :smile: I am fine with it. Maybe it will be on sale by the time I am off my purse ban.
  9. For an MJ bag, it's actually too 'light'. =)

    I love Deborah, it's a style I would get for myself as well; gold hardware is absolutely fine.
  10. I really like the gold hardware with the light gray. I'm not really a gold hardware kind of gal but since the gray is so light the gold hardware is subtle. If I could I would totally buy the Christy in the light gray! I love the new line, it's so lightweight!