"The Grass is greener on the other side"

  1. Whenever I make a new LV purchase, I own it for a while and wish I had made a different decision. For example, I wish I had purchase a MC Alma or Trouville instead of the MC petite Noe or wish I had purchase a damier azur speedy instead of the damier speedy. Do you guys feel this way and think other people's bags are cuter or regret making a wrong LV purchase? :confused1:
  2. Not really.... I love so many LV bags that sometimes it's hard to not be in love with someone else's bag, but I really like my bags. Well, my Azur Speedy is actually on her way to a new home now. But it wasn't that I didn't like it, I just wanted something else and I am planning on getting an Azur Neverfull whenever they come out.
  3. Not really...sometimes I think I should've bought something on my wishlist first instead of an impulse buy...but I get over it!
  4. I also wishes for a new bag and everytime a see some girl with a nice LV bag I so want a bag like hers, but I've never felt sorry that I bought any of the bags I have.

    I love all of them and I love having bags for different events.
  5. Oh Yes! I understand this completely! I have changed my entire collection! It is crazy sometimes...but I do hope that I have finally slowed down and recognized exactly which bags I do like...I may be wrong as only time will tell...

    you are not alone;)
  6. I do this sometimes, too. I bought the large bucket bag because I saw somebody carrying one at the grocery store.
  7. LOL! Oh you're so funny Texas Girl, I'm like that too!:lol: My interest in LV started when I saw singer, Katherine McPhee and Dr. Rey's wife from Dr. 90210 carrying some LVs.
  8. Not really. Most things I like are things that I've seen in magazines, on elux, the LV site or when I go into the store. I go try the pieces out that I like and never return anything because I make sure I really love the piece before spending the money on it. Also, I might admire someone else's bag but I don't buy pieces just because I've seen them on someone else.
  9. No. I take my time picking a bag now whereas I used to buy the first thing that grabbed my eye. This ended up in me selling bags (usually for a loss :sad:) but what was the point in keeping them if I wasn't using them?
  10. Not me......I love every bag I have. I hate to return or regret purchases so I am a million % positive on what I want when I purchase it.
  11. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. For example, I was trying to decide what to get next and I narrowed it down to 3 choices, but now today I started thinking that I should get a Roxbury and I'm afraid that whatever I get, I'll wish I had gotten the other one. I only buy a few bags a year, but if I could afford to purchase more, and more often, I might not feel this was so much.
  12. Hmmm I know what you mean. It's like i'm never satisfied. Like I would buy a purse that I wanted for so long then regret why didn't I get the other bag (only b/c I got the bag that i wanted already) lol So confusing...
  13. I do. I'm guilty. My intro to LV was kinda like a paratrooper landing in a war zone. Rough, dangerous (for my bank account) and lots of lessons learned!

    Like- I'm happy and NOW know what I like or want....lol~ got some LV sense in me finally!
  14. I think the important lesson I learned from reading these responses is that each person has an individual style and we all admire what others have, but don't forget that you are unique and LV bags are beautiful no matter what kinds we carry.;)
  15. yeah everytime i see a girl with a different bag i wish i had gotten that one tooo. but if i didn't get the one i got i'd still wish i had gotten it... its like i want things i don't have and dont like the things i have but when i have it and its gone i wish i had it back...