The Grapefruit Diet. What do ya think?

  1. Hi ladies,
    I dont stray in this thread too much but I have a question for ya. What do you think about the grapefruit diet? My coworker told me she went on it and lost 20 pounds in 25 days!!! She says her dad, a general doctor, tells his overweight patients to do this diet when they need to lose weight in a short period of time. I need to lose 25 pounds by thanksgiving and I am seriously considering this. Please let me know what you think about this diet and if you would recommend another way I can come around losing this much in such a short period of time.

    half a grapefruit
    two eggs
    two bacon

    6 to 7 ounce of beef (cooked any way)
    salad with any dressing you want
    half a grapefruit

    same as lunch

    Note: Water only and no snacking in between

    Also, I am doing lots of cardio and weights at the gym.
  2. I believe this work...but only for short terms. Look at Jessica Simpson she lost like 10-15lbs to host the MTV movie awards but look at her now.
  3. I did it once and managed to lose 5 pounds, but then I got sick of grapefruit.
  4. ^^ It works.. i heard alot about it.. the only issue in my opinion is that you really need to give it time and NEVER stop your cardio..
  5. I did it, but got tired of eatting grapefruit. I lost weight, but once I stopped, I put the exact weight back on.
  6. thanks ladies...i think im going to try it any more advice??
  7. its not true. if you look at the article posted on Yahoo! right now, it says the grapefruit will not melt away fat. it is just low in calories. If anything, you could just eat salad
  8. You have to look at total calories taken in daily. This diet is very low in calories. You could choose any combination of foods that equal the calorie content of this diet and lose the same amount of weight. For example, if this diet equals the fat and calories of 3 Snickers bars, you could eat those every day instead and lose the same amt. of weight. Just an example, don't do that!
  9. exactly^ its just VERY low cal..

    i thin u will lose weight but it will bea quick fix unless u plan on making this a life change and sicking to it forever ( which i dont reccomend you do)

    in any case if u need to drop the weight fast. go for it but know i tmight come back
  10. I worry about how unbalanced nutritionally it is. I'm surprised a doctor recommends it.
  11. So, how can this diet be low in calories when it involves bacon, fried eggs, and fattening salad dressing? I am confused.
  12. Even one bite of grapefruit makes me want to vomit - I can't imagine eating a whole half!
  13. oh gosh, I love grapefruit.. hehe.. I can even finish a whole grapefruit.. hehe
  14. i hate grapefruit.. i cant even do the juice.. its horrible
  15. Actually, this diet really is a low carb high protein diet. It resembles Adkins- look closely at what you will eat. I am not sure what the grapefruit will do- but grapefruits are VERY acidic and can cause indigestion and acid reflux. Also, this is VERY low calorie. This will lead to headaches, naseau, blurry vision, and feeling faint.

    From now until Thanksgiving is about 7 weeks give or take. In 7 weeks you can healthfully lose about 15 lbs or so (recomended is 2 lbs a week- sometimes 3 starting off depending on the weight you are at currently).

    So to be honest, no this isn't a great way to lose weight- it will really shock your system and can cause many other problems. If you love grapefruit, you cna eat it with every meal. But if you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, don't go with bacon in the morning (it is hardly a protein). Eat eggs, maybe some turkey and fruit or oatmel. For lunch you can do the salad, but opt for lean meat such as chicken. And for dinner, have protein, some rice or a potato, and a vegetable.