The Grand Shopping Tote (GST)

  1. Well I did it. I broke my ban. I simply couldn't resist. When I showed my hubby I can get the bag RIGHT NOW for $1.6K OR wait as agreed until February and the SAME bag would be $2.1K he folded like a lawn chair. Thank goodness cause we got into a HUGE fight earlier in the month about me breaking our agreement.


    I received my much coveted Black Grand Shopping Tote with Silver ...YAY to me! HE!!:heart::yahoo:

    I inspected the bag like there was a bomb in it. See you never can be too careful when buying bags. Sure enough, it was the real deal. GREAT DEAL by the way.:yes:

    So tonight I decided to wear my new tote to work tomorrow. Knowing how completely SHOCKED people will be to see me in anything NOT LV I smiled while putting the contents of my 25 LV Speedy into my new-to-me GST.

    Then BAM!!!!!!!! It wouldn't fit!!!!:confused1: think to myself...WHAT? I was only 1/4 way through filling up the bag!!!

    I wanted to take care not to distort the bag so I tried another way. Then another, then another.

    Finally I realized!!! It's really NOT a functional tote! It's for SHOW:shame:

    Even when I did fill it with (my wallet, PDA, makeup case, and Chanel eyeglass case),I realized how HEAVY it was. Wow!

    Now don't get me wrong...I LOVE:heart: my bag and would NEVER sell it but it's not a real tote IMO. It's a tote by definition (boxy, openings, strap) but who wants to distort a bag they spent over 2K for?

    So for the person who wanted a tote to toss shoes and papers in? ... Not gonna happen unless you take the bag to the limit.:nogood:

    So I LOVE the bag, just not a practical tote IMO
  2. ?? That bag was huge to me! I mean, not Cabas huge, but definitely a tote IMO.
    I guess it's all about what you have to carry. People here carry notebooks and such in there's all the time.
  3. Lol, speedys can carry quite alot eh?

    Wow, i thought GST's were huge! I love them Congrats on a gorgeous bag :biggrin:
  4. Maybe I'm being to cautious with it? IDK Swank but I didn't feel I could put much in it. I had to put my wallet, phone, PDA and card holder in the zipper part. That left everything else exposed. And as soon as I laid the bag on the side (didn't want to leave it standing up) my stuff flew :confused1:
  5. It is a great tote for me & I have yo carry baby stuff as well as my stuff. Glad you were able to get it.
  6. I just bought the tote as well and I am concerned about the weight and how it will effect by back and neck. But I love how it looks. I also have a bronze Coco Cabas that fits alot is alot lighter. I'm planning to hold onto mine before making a decision. But i feel your pain
  7. I didn't even put my book in it yet and it's pretty heavy. But I LOVE the bag:nuts: I still plan on carrying it tomorrow.:tup:
  8. hmmm. . . I don't care about my bags being closed on top, so I didn't put my wallet and such in the center. Also, I hung it on a chair or left it standing upright. I guess that makes a difference?
  9. I usually don't mind a non-zipping opening but I kid you not, everthing went flying out it if when I laid it flat (cause I fear the sag).
  10. first of all.. congrats!!!!
    second of all.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad i heard about how much the bag would fit from you before i decide to go get one... i have a speedy 30, so my things will prolly not fit neither.. lol... i was gonna get the bag for school.. lol.. guess not happening!! just gonna wait for the damier neverfull!!

    anyways.. once again.. CONGRATS!!!!!
  11. woww when did you get urs?? its not feb yet and when i saw it at the stoer they told me its 2100 =[ and everyone is complaining that the new caviar on the gst sucks. OH WHAT TO DO!! =[
  12. I just bought the GST with the new caviar and I prefer it to the shiny caviar. I think it looks more youthful and modern.
  13. Although this is a huge structured bag, I too had an issue getting my things into the bag. I can fit everything in if I want to distort the shape of the bag to accommodate things like a sippy cup *LOL* I don't like to do that though, I like to keep the natural lines of the bag clean. I usually just rearrange things several times until what I need to carry fits.
  14. Congrats!

    LOVE the GST!
  15. Congrats to your new GST! I do own one too in silver h/w, it's a tote for sure not like those other LV bags that you have, u can stuff many things as u like...after all, u can see the bag it has been designed, it's more structured rather than functional.

    If u like the design, yes this is a lovely bag!

    Enjoy her with gd health~~