the grand hunt--help me find a bag that fits this profile!!!

  1. Ive been searching ALL DAY (well, for a while actually) for the perfect bag. I cant seem to find it. Any suggestions, dearest handbag experts? These are all the things I need for a bag. none of my bags to date fit all of the requirements. Here goes...

    I need an every day bag that is:

    a) large enough to fit papers/magazines in without needing to fold them
    b) light (ie not chloe paddington or kooba sienna)
    c) not too big so that my small items (keys, wallet) can get lost in the bag
    d) not too expensive (preferably around $200-300, nothing outrageous like $1000)
    e) no monogramme or really big logos
    f) preferably soft leather
    e) not too busy (ie not like a guess handbag or baby phat)
    g) sturdy enough to withstand winter weather or being on a crowded subway

    Phew! Any ideas?
  2. I would check out Linea Pelle - they have a website, bluefly carries them, and you can find some on eBay.

    The have wonderful bags - I have about 10 of them, and their prices aren't bad.
    Their leather is wonderful!!!
  3. Hype Bags might be a good option for you
  4. another suggestion, although it's not a purse, is a chameleon insert. i think i have about 4-5 of these in various sizes but my favorite is my sturdy in silver. it's a life saver and i use it in every single bag.

    when i think of light bags, balenciaga immediately comes to mind, but that is definitely out of your price range. the Day style is $995 and fits most, if not all, of your requirements. the day can be a black hole, but i use my chameleon so i can deal with it.

    my other favorite bag is my Lucky hobo. it has an open top (i think it closes with a magnet) and i'm pretty sure you can fit folders/magazines. it's super light weight, no logos, very soft and luscious (mine is a deep wine color). mine was around $140.

    good luck finding your ideal bag and please keep us posted on what you end up buying! happy shopping!
  5. wow thank you..are there websites for Lucky and Hype?
  6. Try Tano, too: and
  7. Not sure if hype has a website but the bags are sold all over,,, Nordstrom and many other websites.
  8. Pandy, Zappos sells Lucky bags. This is the hobo I have:

    I know Macy's and other retail stores like Lord & Taylor also sell them. One thing that I experienced, when I saw them in Macy's and Lord & Taylor, they had them in black, brown and wine colors. The black ones all had great, soft, smushy leather. The brown ones were tougher and not as soft. A couple of the wine ones had the tougher leather and some had the really soft leather. I picked the one that had really soft leather. I have no idea why the different leathers.

    I was not familiar with this brand, but I could not pass up the great color, soft leather and great price. I have been wearing this bag a lot and it was a great purchase for me.
  9. Hayden Harnett bags would probably work well for you. You should check them out!
  10. thanks for all the suggestions...keep em coming!:tup:
  11. bump :p

    I loved all the suggestions but the price is still a little high for me with all those brands..any more suggestions? Im really loving the Linea Pelle stuff..thats what I was thinking of but less of a price tag...
  12. Try Belen, they meet all your reqirements except that they're bit mor expensive but so worth it. The Love Me would be perfect.
  13. Do you have a TJMaxx, Nordstrom Rack, or Loehmann's near you? These stores tend to caryy most of the brands mentioned plus more at very good discounts sometimes. I would suggest you hit any one (or all 3!) of these and just try on a lot of bags to see what works best for you.

    Good luck!
  14. I second the Tano & Lucky. Maybe Coach or Fossil?
  15. I really like Rafe Kate bags and when they go on sale they fit in your price range. They can't fit an 11x17 file folder, but they can fit a magazine or a regular file. I LOVE that it has outside water pockets because it keeps the wet stuff away from important papers and being able to wear it three different lengths is a nice bonus.