The Graduation Gift (a frustrated story)


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Congratulations on your graduation!:flowers: Great job!!! You are so lucky getting an LV for a graduation gift!

I suggest that you call your SA as soon as possible. Return or exchange the bag. You deserve what you pay for. Do keep us posted.


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Aug 25, 2006
Listen to everyone here and take it back to the store and get a new one!!! Hurry :yahoo:
Woah! I would have kicked up a big fuss right there and then! U could have pointed out the obvious defects to him and ask him if LV's quality was going bad, that you own many LV bags but this is the 1st time you've seen something in such a ghastly state (doesn't matter if it is true, it's just to scare him). And if his service leaves much to be desired, will take down his name and feedback to the customer service.

I know, I can be a really difficult customer to deal with, but if I'm willing to pay so much, my expectations are also pretty high. I won't stand for anything less than perfect.

Hope everything turns out well for you... pls do take it back to the store and ask for another pc. This one's a lemon!


Sep 2, 2006
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Congratulations on your graduation! Like the others have said, pls return the bag and wait for a new one. You should definitely get a bag that is free of defects and wear! When the new one comes in, inspect it carefully and don't leave if it is not perfect for you. :flowers:


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Feb 17, 2008
So Sorry to hear about what happened to you! Definitely call and then take it back. Wait for a bag to come in that hasn't been used!!! Good luck to you and Happy Graduation!!!


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Oct 19, 2007
Sorry to hear about your bad experience. It's terrible that they treated you that way! Whether or not you're buying a bag they should treat all customers with respect. On a lighter note, congratulations on graduation! I just graduated too last month. :smile:


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Nov 1, 2007
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First congratulations to your graduation. I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience at your first LV encounter.

Judging from your story, I would also suggest to return the bag and let your name put on a wait list for that bag. It is definetely not ok to receive a bag which seems in a used or imperfect condition for that amount of money! Also you should'nt be reminded of this awful experience when carrying your loved bag! I would have request another SA in that LV shop when he would have treated me like that - regardless of how young I look. Every customer needs to get the same amount of attention, especially when he/she is willing to leave a lot of their hard-earned money there!


Sep 17, 2007
Thank you guys so much!! :ty:

I knew that posting it here would make me feel better about the whole thing...

I will definitely bring the bag in asap and will let you know how everything turns out...

Hopefully I'll be able to post a happier thread with pictures of my new bag soon!



Aug 12, 2007
Wow, I'm sorry about all of that.

A few things come to mind though - I've never gotten a box when purchasing in a store, and they gave you one when you asked for it, so that doesn't seem like a big problem.

The SA at NM was definitely rude, but I sort of understand her frustration with people buying and return over and over again. I'm not talking about you specifically, of course, but she must see it ALL the time and, to be honest, I'm surprised they have not gotten stricter about their return policy.

None of what I'm saying excuses the rude behavior you got and, again, I'm sorry that all happened to you. I would suggest calling the SA your mom originally spoke to and see what can be done. Good luck.


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Nov 7, 2006
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Congrats on your graduation!

I hope you will get a bag that meets your expectations soon. In the future, inspect carefully and don't purchase if it doesn't meet your standards.
IMO, the savings of buying pre-increase doesn't seem worth the hassle of returning.


Jul 9, 2006
Congratulations on your graduation! That is exciting for you! Regarding the LV service - I think it's a shame when they judge people either by their age, how they're dressed (though I know I'm guilty of the same - if I see someone who looks messy when I'm out shopping in certain stores such as LV I do wonder). However, a big part of this is the quality of the bag that you got. I don't think it's completely the fault of LV and here's why - Many of us ask to see more than one bag when we purchase one (I know I sometimes do). Well, we HANDLE the bags we don't purchase. Thus, it leaves the possibility of a spot, or scratch to get on what was a perfectly good bag when the SA's received it. Think hand lotion - many women go through the dept. stores and try lotions, makeup, etc. if just a spot of residue is left on their hands, then it can get on the bag they are touching all over, right? I have often thought about how many hands might have "checked out" the bag I am purchasing. I don't know if there's a solution to this, but I would guess that it is very frustrating for LV. Sorry - that probably didn't help you at all, but it crossed my mind that there is a problem with allowing us to compare bags (which I do too).
Oct 21, 2006
The LV store in Short Hills is full of a bunch of stuck up SAs. Every other store in that mall I'm treated with kindness and respect, however in that store I'll NEVER give them a sale just because they're never nice. If they do give you the time of day, they're very pushy and try to rush you.

Congrats on your graduation! Don't let this experience make you feel bad. My first experience in that exact store made me bitter for a few months, but I've learned not to get as aggravated. I'd do what the other ladies suggest and get rid of that bag ASAP.


Aug 2, 2006
I'm sorry about your experience =[ You should have tried GSP they are fantastic!!!! Always willing to help =] I'm sure you can go over there and check out another tivoli =]