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  1. IMG_1407.JPG The new Louis Vuitton Graceful bag is finally here. Replacing the delightful. Thanks to the purse forum I was able to see preliminary pics of the new bag. Then I went to my store and my sa had them. She said they went on sale the following day but the manager gave her permission to sell it to me a day early. I chose the monogram with pivione interior. I love love love it! My best bag yet! I want to see yours!!!
    Let's all share our new Graceful s. and thoughts on all the different details. Love to hear about yours!
  2. Hi,
    Congratulations with your beautiful bag!Is this the Pm or Mm size?Also can I ask you for more pictures?Thank you very much
  3. :yahoo:Damier Ebene MM.... obsessed with this bag!!!!! Samorga organizer inside
    IMG_2280.JPG IMG_2281.JPG
  4. Would love a modeling pic
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  5. I am totally lusting after this bag! The Delightful did nothing for me, and I ordered and returned an Artsy a few weeks ago that I didn't end up liking either... I need to get my butt to my store asap! Hope to join this club soon!
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  6. Any intel if this will come out in empreinte? That would be gorgeous!!
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  7. Here's my Graceful MM :heart:
  8. Another pic...
  9. It's so beautiful!!!
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  10. I love the red! Is yours made in France or USA? Wondering where they made them. Mine says made I. France but have seen others made in USA.
  11. Looks beautiful on you! Love it!
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  12. :biggrin:
    Hiii! She is made in FRANCE :smile:
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  13. Hi everyone! It's Tinkherbell's fault! She sent me her pic on Thursday night so I bought mine Friday morning and then Leo Lion LV bought hers Friday night. We should all send Tinkherbell our receipts. LOL It's GORGEOUS in person. Oh my God. I bought the monogram with fuscia interior in the PM size. Leo Lion LV and I both uploaded videos on our channels of this little beauty. First batch Made in France!! gracefulemilie.jpg
    xoxo Wendy
  14. Awesome YouTube video! Does this seem more structured/less slouchy than the delightful? I had the delightful mm and it didn't work for me.....
  15. Oooh I didn't know they were going to have the pink interior! Love it!
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