The Good Wife

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    I watch very little TV but the commercials for this caught my eye and I really like the lead actors so put it in my calendar to remind myself of the premier.

    I just watched it tonight and thought it was quite good.

    ETA - I hope the isn't a thread on this already. I searched and it didn't bring anything up. I then posted the thread, searched again, and it still didn't bring anything up. Is the search not working again??
  2. I was hoping someone would start a thread on this show! I watched too cause nothing else on and I just stumbled on it. It took me a little while to figure out if it was a movie or a regular show! I enjoyed and will definitely tune in next week.
  3. I decided to check out this show too and I liked it. I'm going to give it a few more episodes to see if I'll continue watching it, but so far so good!
  4. I also watched it - so far, so good. I like the cast - and Josh Charles is a local guy, so I'm always interested to see him in something.
  5. This is probably the only new show that really appealed to me when reading about it. Watched it last night and truly enjoyed it, I will be tuning in next week for more.
  6. I thought it was just "ok". Not really what I was expecting.
  7. good to see some of you liked it. i taped it and will probably watch tonight.
  8. Although the title is "The Good Wife" I didn't expect the show to focus almost entirely on her. For some reason I expected it to be more about him, the ramifications of his actions and the effects on the family, but instead they pretty much eliminated him from the show right off the bat. So it is about her building her own life instead, which wasn't what I was expecting. I really like Chris North, so I would have liked to have seen more of him.
  9. My thoughts, exactly! I'll give it a few more weeks. The dramas now move so quickly that my slow brain can't keep up with the dialogue and everything that happens, and that's what happened when I watched last night.
  10. I expect it to be more about him as well. I will give it a couple more weeks to see how it progresses. His message at the end sounded like things could focus more on him going forward. Time will tell.
  11. Is this based on the book?
  12. The premiere was good, I hope it picks up, has a very good story line. Love Julianna Marguiles

  13. I took the commercials differently, the show was pretty much just what I expected.
  14. I liked it and will see as other how it will evolved. I also thought it was more about him but I was pleased that was not all about the cheating part! I am sure they will add scenes here and there.
  15. i finally saw it tonight, and i liked it.