The Good, The Bad & The Himalaya.....

  1. Thought these deserved a thread all of their own.....

    I'll break you in gently.......
    IMG_0525-01.jpg IM000022.jpg rosa.jpg sumac.jpg president.jpg
  2. not only do they make a backpack, they insist in producing it in the fabulous DALMATION leather.......
  3. uh oh....
  4. some couture for your perusal.......

    I'm particularly a fan of the Bridget-Jones size pants in Bolduc......
    big pants.jpg blue top.jpg
  5. I think our Shopmom was looking for some gloves?
  6. my eyes hurt
  7. and I know Lilach is a fan of Vert Cru.....feast your eyes on these babies, L!!!!!!!!!
  8. This is very scary & disturbing..and to think this stuff is $$$$ too!!!
  9. That fourth bag in your first post looks like an underwater mask from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea... except it probably leaks something awful.
  10. Any of this available for Halloween costumes?
  11. assorted ugly.....
    assorted ugly.jpg ugly1.jpg ugly2.jpg ugly3.jpg ugly4.jpg tree.jpg
  12. Hermes for QVC


    Seriously, what were they thinking. Who wears these things?
  13. fetching......
    IM000009.jpg IM000010.jpg IM000012.jpg
  14. i really like the green leather on the JPG birkin (1st pic) the red fabric kills it though. I dont get the last kelly style bag, is that fabric pieces that flap on the outside? and i never though hermes would have such hidious things!!!! i thought it was all gorgous
  15. a little something to match your Hermes Majorette outfit?
    tambour.jpg tambour 2.jpg
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