The Good, The Bad, and the LV. :)

  1. Warning - loooooong!

    So I went to the Somerset Collection in Troy, Michigan today to buy myself a birthday present (my birthday isn't until next week, but whatev!). I was planning on buying a Damier cles at the boutique, but when I went in and found someone to help me, the only one they had in stock was made in Spain. This is not a huge deal, if I can't find one that is made in France it's not like I won't buy it, I just prefer French pieces. But there is also a mini-store in the Saks, so I told the guy that I would check there first and if they didn't have one that was made in France I would come back for the cles.

    Rewind a second - I went in at 11 AM, so there was nobody in the store, but I had to walk up to an associate and request assistance, which always bugs me. I don't like hoverers, but if I'm shopping somewhere where clearly I can't just grab something and take it to the register, I want someone to approach me to help. The guy who helped me was very short with me (I asked to see a couple of new bags, and every time I asked him a question, he replied basically in monosyllables, he wasn't very knowledgeable about the product, even mispronounced the name of the Abbesses!) and just sort of rubbed me the wrong way. Another thing that bugged me was that there were shipping boxes on the floor, which I think is unacceptable when a store is open (I work retail).

    So anyhoo, I go to the mini-store in Saks. There was only one girl, but as soon as I stepped foot into the LV "zone" she came over and very sweetly greeted me and asked what she could do for me. I told her the situation and we looked for a cles that was made in France. She only had Spanish cles as well, but she was so sweet that I decided to just buy the cles there instead of going back to the boutique. We had very pleasant conversation while she was wrapping me up, she gave me my box and dustbag and all that good stuff. I also mentioned that I would like to get my Damier keepall painted with my family coat of arms but knew that usually they only do hard-sided, blah blah, is there anything they can do for me? And she said that the policy is only hard-sided, but in the past she thinks people may have gotten other pieces done, so she would ask her manager and follow up with me, which was nice, since she could have just said "No, we don't do that," and saved herself the trouble.

    After giving her my number, I went back to the boutique to tell the sales associate that I had gotten my cles, because I hate leaving people hanging (I didn't want him to hold it or anything for me, and I know that, from my retail experience, I am always let down when a customer says they'll be back and never shows). I was planning on just telling him that they had a French cles at Saks, not that I decided to buy from her just because, and ask if he had a catalogue. Well, when I came in he was helping someone with Lockits, and didn't even acknowledge me, although I definitely know he saw me. I didn't want to disturb, so I found the other girl who was working, and asked her if I could get a catalogue. She seemed very flustered, and said, "I'm not sure if we have any that are available for sale, I can check, but I think there's a place where you can order it online." I informed her that I don't pay for catalogues and left, shaking the dust from my feet. :s

    Anyway, I was parked outside Saks, so as I left I saw my girl again and she waved to me, so I went over and said "I forgot to ask, you don't happen to have any catalogues, do you?" I was sure she wouldn't, but she smiled and said, "Oh, sure, let me grab one for you out of the back!" She came out with that beautiful blue book and told me to have a great day. :yahoo: I said "Jo," her name is Jo,"you are a delight!" and went home!

    So, moral of the story, I had what would have been a lackluster shopping experience, rescued by the fantastic service from Jo at Saks! I don't think I will be darkening the door of the Somerset boutique any time soon, but if I need to get anything else here in Michigan, I know where I'll go! :lol:
  2. I hate when that happens. This is a high-end luxury item and you should been treated like royalty in these stores!
  3. I'm from West Bloomfield. I'm just 24 and now live in Manhattan but I'm visiting home in Oct and cannot WAIT to get to Somerset and LV. There are no malls here! :smile:
  4. Aww yay! That was so great of Jo to be so awesome! That other dude totally him!
  5. Glad you had a great experience at Saks! it's the other LVs loss and Saks gain! :flowers:
  6. Yay for JO:yahoo: and congrats on your 'made in France' Cles;)
  7. Congrats on your new cles!! I'm glad you found a good SA to deal with!
    Boo to the other guy!
  8. Congrats and am happy with the good experience you have with the SA Jo.
  9. who was the guy that helped you? I have had nothing but great service at Troy, the saks is another story, but I do remmber Jo, I like her
  10. I feel very lucky that so far everything I've bought in my small LV collection is from France. VERY lucky, since I don't live near a store and have never specifically requested that from the SA's that I have worked with: Scottsdale, Valley Fair, Beverly Hills, and Las Vegas. Even the 3 discontinued items I've found are all Made in France. I don't blame you for looking for it. Oh yes, only the Panda Agenda is made in Spain, but that's normal... I wonder where the "on the list" damier azure will be from??? I don't really want Italy.... I'm with you on this subject....
  11. Jo:love: Yes, the first guy was not LV material at all:yucky:
  12. Matt - no clue what his name was. It was an older (probably late 30s/early 40s) guy and he was pretty bald.
  13. Yes ! The people at the LV boutique have been pretty ridiculous at Somerset - once someone didn't even know there was a catelogue of items and thought I was talking about the shoe catelogue. But yes, that's good to hear about SAKs, I'll take my business there as well ! :yes:
  14. I had the worst shopping experience in LV boutique in Sydney's City Area on thurs night. I went there with all my heart wanting to buy a DAmier speedy 25. The lady who served me doesnt have any good customer service at all. when i first asked to see the damier speedy 25, she told me that Damier doesnt have speedy 25!!! can you believe it? and then i told her there is, then she checked, she didnt even apologize. anyway, then after that, i was looking at the bag, trying it out, then later she told me if she can have the bag cus someone else wanted to have a look at the bag. i was like WTF!! i'm sure i can afford the bag as much as others can. so anyway, i walked out of the boutique just like that. hate the SA. sooo rude.

    then on friday, i went back to the boutique again. other SA served me. then within 5 mins, i bought the damier speedy 25. after i purchase the speedy 25, i was still in the store, but NONE served me. i still wanted to have a look at other bags, but NONE served me. i was very angry. I wont return to the sydney boutique CITY store anymore.
  15. Hey Pink....what a horrible experience! I know that most of us can unfortunately relate to similiar situations such as the one that happened to you. If that had happened to me, I wouldn't hestitate to write a letter or make a call to the store manager detailing how you were treated. Also, I'd let the manager know you're sending a copy of the letter to someone else higher up at LV, perhaps the CEO. I assure you that the manager etc would be upset knowing how poorly you were treated. They're in the business to sell things, not to offend customers. Plus, I think if the managers never hear from us when we are treated poorly, then things will never change.....