The good, the bad and COACH of my day...(long)

  1. I got up this morning and put on my snazzy black suit :cutesy: ( I wore the pink scarf hobo ). I got in my car and called the vet’s to check on Leeloo, but was told to call back a bit later ‘cause the dr. wasn’t there. I drove the 45 mins. to my meeting (regarding my being fired from my job). I parked my car and walked in. :smile: Everything went very well. The executive director of the Corporation was very receptive to what I had to say and my union rep was very helpful. I am very hopeful that I’ll get my job back.(this is the good in my story). I got my point across and the b*@#%$ that fired me was exposed for what she is. I got in my car again and called the vet and was told to go pick up my baby between 4-5pm. It was noon and I was in the middle between the Coach boutique and the Outlet so I decided to check up both!!! :happydance:

    I drove over to the Outlet. It’s in Old San Juan where parking is hard (I was in very high heels and suit and the parking garages aren’t near the store) but I found a spot a block away (see, Coach is Jesus approved!!!). I hopped over there and since I was alone I looked at everything until my heart was full!! I got my mini skinny for $20. That place is very well stocked. Signature, hamptons, hamptons twill, pebbled leather, wristlets, charms, keyfobs, legacy satchel in rose for $348 ( I think), sunglasses, watches….and lots more. The SA’s a re very sweet and helpful so when I went to pay I told the cashier about this place and how we really get good deals there. She told me that they are so well stocked because the store is larger than many and can store and sell what other places don’t have room for. YAY FOR US!!!:choochoo: They even asked me if any of you girls had already asked me to get you something from them… So I skipped to my car and treated myself to a white chocolate mocha frapuccino from Starbucks!!!

    I drove over to the mall to check out the boutique and Macy’s. Macy’s doesn’t have any Coach shoes on sale and the bags are the ones in Coach. I moseyed over to Coach and looked at everything. I tried on the Carly and the Ergo and to my surprise the Carly keep slipping from my shoulder (big bummer) but the Ergo is like an extension of my arm (YAY ME!!). :drool: So I’m gettin’ the Ergo. They don’t have any signature Carly’s but are getting them in 2-3 weeks and the denim Carly on May 2nd. Guess I’ll go back then and hang out a bit and make up my mind. (this is the Coach) I then came home, changed and went to get to get my baby!!! She’s home on lots of meds but doing very well (more good). :heart:

    This is actually the second time I write this story, because I accidentally hit back the 1st time. As I was about to throw my laptop against the wall my daddy called me to tell my grammy had just died. :crybaby: She was 94, had gotten out of a month long stay in the hospital with many ailments last Friday. She was suffering so her passing as sad as it makes me, was for the best. She was suffering too much and had lead a wonderful life. So rest in peace, abuelita…(this is the bad….)

  2. wow,

    So sad to hear about your abuelita. I dread the day that will happen to mine. Nevertheless, don't forget that life goes on for the living and it is best that she is not suffering anymore.

    To that note, congrats on having other experiences during your day that made this event a bit more bearable. I hope your doggie recovers well and you can enjoy your family's company as well as your growing Coach collection.

  3. condolences on the loss of your grammy. it's tough :sad:

    glad to see the doggie is home :smile:
    and congrats on your purchases

    ohh and congrats on getting your job back!
  4. Hugs for you, sweetie! I lost my grandmother two months ago and she taught me most of what I know-- cooking, cleaning, and designer purses ;) She was amazing. So I feel your pain. Otherwise, it seemed like you had a great day. Sending many hugs your way! :heart:
  5. Sorry about your grandma passing...she is in a much better place now. Glad that your dog is okay and hopefully everything else works out!!
  6. Life is always full of surprises, we just have to accept both the happy and sad. Very glad to hear you're getting your job back and that your doggie is okay. Your Coach outlet sounds fabulous! So sorry about your granny - mine was about that age as well when she passed and it was a sad time.
  7. I am terribly sorry to hear about your grandmother passing. May she rest in peace. I am glad that things
    are looking up for you and wish you the best of luck. Your grandmother will be sending her blessings to you from heaven.
  8. Sorry to hear of you loss, memories are wonderful. Sending hugs