The good old days got me thinking...

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  1. Just wanted to know if any of you feel the same way, this weekend I was cleaning out a file drawer a came upon my old coach catalogs from 2006 - 2007 which were the legacy years and it really got me to thinking.

    We talk so much of this line of handbags and I must admit that I have not had the same lust/love for handbags. I looked through those books and realized that I had to have everyone hahahaha. Maybe that is why I am on a mission to find those that I gave away and never aquired. That was love back then, and honestly I have not had the same inspiration with any other bags, except my zoe bags. Maybe because of the hardware and thick straps.

    The kira has come close but not enough to buy at FP back then I didn't need a coupon to purchase legacy. Sorry for the long note but wanted to know if others felt the same.
  2. Ditto! I am a Legacy girl!
  3. LOL who isn't?? ^
  4. im all for legacy coming back!!!!! they were all such gorgeous bags. the leather now is too lightweight and fragile. i wish coach could bring some styles back.
  5. they have those old legacy bags on the site why not bring some "newer" ones back lol im sure they would sell!!!
  6. Everytime I speak with SA in certain department stores they say the same thing Coach is not making the 'legacy' type bags because of the economy which I can understand but they are also making more lower cost bags in mass quantities. If cost is the bottom line then make the 'legacy' or 'premium' styles in limited quantities I am sure they will be purchased. We have been asking for three years for these leathers to come back.

    This premium leather is what I feel in love with about Coach. One thing is for sure I have not been spending much on the new stuff.
  7. I really loved the legacy bags as well. I realized that soon about half of my bags will be legacy bags! While they are not everyday bags (Lily anyone?? haha) they just look and smell so good.
  8. I would love for Coach to bring Legacy back...they do have another anniversary coming maybe they will "kill" us with something amazing in celebration?

    In the meantime, I find myself passing on new bags to get older ones...NBD in my opinion, want is still want and new to me is still new.
  9. Italia - you said it best I have purchased more 'older' style bags than newer. I forgot the older hampton line was nice also. I guess it goes back to the type of leather that was used and the brass hardware was TDF.
  10. there's something to be said about not appreciating something until its gone! or i guess, not knowing what you had till its gone?

    when the legacy came out. there were a lot of things that people didn't like about it. being leather for one, since a lot of coach's business was signature (it is just starting to do more and more leather now) and the leather being a) heavy. b) easily scratched and c) too much hardware/heavy hardware.

    also the pricing was deemed high.

    i really wish they'd bring it back, but i think the market isn't big enough or lucrative enough for them to do so

  11. I was thinking of this today, too. I totally think I will be in trouble when the next anniversary rolls around...especially when their 75th comes about. I had better start
  12. That is funny - I think for me I have been a coach girl for almost twenty years and that says alot. I have always been large or fluffy whichever is appropriate and I liked the thick straps I think the patricia legacy and janice bags were some on my first. I remember when I bought the patricia legacy I screamed at the $200+ price tag and that was at my local px.

    For me love the thicker leather because it could take the harshness of everyday life without the fear of the bag tearing. My saying was I would only need and/or buy one. Yeah right that never happened - twenty years later I am still here.
  13. i understand, and i'm not saying that there aren't leather/classic/legacy lovers out there. but what i'm saying is that the market is not as big, as trendy, leather lovers (think lighter e.g. parker) or siggy/op art lovers. here it seems tpf coach section has created a lot of leather lovers for those who weren't..adding to the group of those who are..and the group of siggy lovers are little or don't post as much..

    but that doesn't mean that there aren't signature lovers out there. i see SO much more signature then leather.

    i prefer leather myself

    but coach is a business

    there are so little companies out there that put the design/love AHEAD of profits. its always profits first, and design to gear towards more profit.

    here you will find a lot of people that love legacy. and they will go and buy it at bargain prices. a selected group will buy full price or even more.. but this doesn't speak for the general population of US/CA and certainly doesn't speak for Asia, where coach has a huge stake in..most of them prefer siggy as well.

    if i look at the company's top sellers a great deal of it is siggy/op art. leather is gaining but this is just recently.
  14. Being new to Coach, I missed Legacy - I have a MFF Peyton and love it, but I'd love to experience the legacy leather.

  15. Hi,
    I do like the Legacy line, but in general I have passed on a few Coach bags because I have thought they weren't that special!!! Now, I see them I wish I hadn't passed on them!!! (like Hampton Vintage Hobo and Lindsay Shopper!!!!) TPF has really fueled my want of Coach!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: