The Good News Is Britneys Wearing Underwear, The Bad News Is....

Jan 23, 2006

Well, look on the bright side: Britney Spears kept her word -- she's definitely wearing underwear! Only problem? There wasn't much of anything else!

The barely-dressed mother-of-two appeared at her own mother's birthday party dinner rocking a ridiculously see-through lace dress that showed off her lingerie consisting of a pink bra and black panties and black high heels.

But not all is corrupt at the Spears household. Sister Jamie-Lynn was donning a more conservative jeans-and-tee combo. (There's hope yet!)

After staying for just an hour, Brit-Brit was back at Forty Deuce club where she stripped down to her bra and miniskirt and performed in a burlesque show much to the delight of the audience.

As you may recall, Britney was at the club on Tuesday night. She apparently enjoyed herself so much that she asked for the rare privilege to perform in a show along with the other burlesque girls
OMGosh. She has bumped her head. I think she still thinks she's tiny like she was back in the day. That looks just like her VMA outfit from a few years back.

Or she's being a smarta**.

Eeew. Her back looks great though!:roflmfao: