The Good(LV),The Bad(Job Interviews) & The Ugly(Ebay) - LONG and Winded and Pix!

  1. SO, this has been one heck of a week. But TODAY, has topped my week off. I am done. I am just absolutely toast. Frustrated to no end but still desperately trying to see the good in things.

    First, THE GOOD!
    OH, boy! I am not sure what I am even going to start with!

    Number 1: I ordered a Coach scarf that came about 2 weeks ago and I love it! She is absolutely beautiful, and it saves me at least $200 from what I was going to pay for the new LV amour scarf! I really love it and got to wear it to a couple of job applications/interviews (those did NOT go well, thanks for asking.) :cursing:

    Number 2: Yesterday my Coach Skull charm came in after my special order just a day earlier! I can't believe how fast they shipped! Now my little 4 leaf clover charm has a bag buddy! They 'hang' together........... ok, forgive my lame pun. It has been a long week. :rolleyes:

    Number #3: But, the REAL GOOD news, is that 866 Vuitton located a Panda cles for me and it came this morning! :supacool:
    So,I jump out of bed to what sounds like ten men banging on my door, like they are the bomb squad and we are all about to die! So i have already jumped out of bed, in the emperor's new clothes if you know what I mean, and grab a blanket off the couch as im running on my way to the front door. Fling the door open and.......It was just a single, solitary, lonely, Fed-Ex delivery guy! i didn't know one person could make that much noise! I was NOT happy that he scared the crap out of me like that, but I WAS very happy that my panda bear made it home safe and sound! AND FAST! :love:

    I have been putting him on EVERYTHING! My pochette, my keys, my speedy, my Marelle (not a good combo there, sadly) and even off my belt! I am just in love with the little bugger! How could I have put off buying him for so long! The only downside to this, is that I have not been able to locate the second panda I have been after. One of the sa's at my store was so unhelpful with finding one, he just said 'oh well'. I should know to just go in for my sa. Hmmmph.

    Number 4
    : AND, more GOOD NEWS, I am officially FIRST on the list for the Dentelle line at my Saks! I am so excited! I cannot wait to get my grubby little hands on that line! (i know, im the only one excited about that line here, but INDULGE ME!)

    That is about the end of the 'Good News'. I think I might have gotten myself excited enough about the new purchases that my bad day has dissapeared enough that I may not have to rant and rave about it!
  2. Oh congrats!! I got one of those coach scarfs too! They are super cute! Enjoy them all!! =)
  3. Cute scarf and cleavage...

    HAHAHA - I couldn't resist! :graucho:

    Freakin' ADORE that Panda...

    Grats on Dentelle... #1 eh. I think it's going to be a lot cuter IRL... and a lot of TPFers will fall in love once it's out.
  4. it's all so cute, I love the Panda......but, *ducks*...I think I love the skull even more!
    Congrats on everything & it's nice to see the healing power of the Fedex guy helped you over the bad.
  5. P.S. NOT asking about the job interviews... CURIOUS but NOT going there... :shocked:
  6. The BAD:

    I went to 6 places to apply for a position today.

    The 1st said they only hire from within, which is usually good, until he admitted that he, as a hard and fast RULE, WON"T hire from outside, even when the people he has 'inside' are not as good as the 'outsiders' coming in. Ummmmm, that is hurting your business. Yea. He was so backwards in his thinking, that I didn't bother trying to reason with him. I really appreciate companies that hire from within first, i think that is usually the best way to go. But if you have no one to promote, then you have to look to the outside world. Or so I thought....

    The 2nd may go well, but I won't know until they call me back. The establishment is new, and no one could find an application or remember how many people they have hired yet. Unorganized to the max.

    The 3rd was closed, they don't do interviews without appointments, and you can't make an appointment without seeing them in person first, so I am in a bit of a catch-22.

    The 4th was just bad.
    the fifth was frustrating,and i just skippd the 6th and went home.
  7. i really didn't notice the cleaveage, oops.
  8. i really didn't notice the cleaveage, oops.

    ok, i am going to skip the "ugly" part of this thread and calm down a little. the job think got me a little fired up again!

    later guys!

  9. LOL:roflmfao:
  10. oh dear sorry to hear about the bad part bt tomorrow's a new day concentrate on the good stuff and start again best of luck for the interviews
  11. :nuts: Looking hottt:graucho: ! Congrats,love the scarf and Panda:love: . Sorry about your "bad" interviews though :sad:
  12. congrats
  13. well, you look great and your new items are fab, so hope that makes up for the bad of the week....hang in there and thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  14. Congrats
  15. Everything looks great! Amazing how a little panda can bring a smile to your face!