the good finish of a broken pomellato ring


Jun 25, 2007
Hi everybody, my last message was about a broken pomellato nudo ring. I went to the shop and asked if it could be fixed. They sent it to italy and they could fixed it for 340 euros. I had no choice so I let it fixed. they changed the stone. When I came to the shop I saw the same blue ring but much brighter, the kind sa offered me to but the brighter stone in my ring. So I am now very happy with the perfect blue nudo ring altough it cost me 340 euro extra I am very happy with the three rings that I have and all the compliments I get when I wear them. So everything turned out well!(however I wouln't everybody recommend to break their stone of a nudo ring!) But to somebody who had the same bad luck as me it's nice to know it can be fixed.


Mar 28, 2006
iiving the dream
I am glad it was fixed for you. Too bad they charged you so much but, like you said, you really had no choice. Wear it in good health.