the good and the really bad and ugly


Aug 11, 2006
Today at work I finally heard the dreaded words "purse party". I saw the purse sitting on a co workers desk and without even a second glance I knew it was a fake and not even a good one. The style doesn't even come close to a coach. I guess if I had to place it I would say tote. Later on when the dreaded words came out she mentioned a matching wallet. Now I have heard snippets in the past about her money problems and the combo was over a hundred dollars or more, I couldn't hear that well. What a waste because she always carried a medium carly though I have had my suspicions about that one ever since she got it, but at least it looks like a good coach. I am not on such terms with her that I would be able to pick up the carly and give it a good look but from a distance it looks OK.

Now on to the good.:yahoo: My bus commute was really crowded and I lucked out and had a seat but the young woman standing in the aisle in front of me had a wonderful large cherry sabrina. I kept thinking I should have gotten the large but mine is the small espresso. Hers looks like it has been well loved and well used since she got it. Nice and soft and a bit scuffed in the corners. She had a hardcover book poking out of the top. What a great color! On my way to the bus stop I noticed a large black leather carly so at least those two things helped clear away the nightmare of the fake. I will keep my eyes open and see how long it lasts.


Feb 23, 2009
Funny and sad ... I see some horrible fakes, too, but when I see a really lovely real Coach it's so fun, I just want to go over and "pet" their bag (I don't though, that would just be creepy from a stranger :nuts:).
Mar 24, 2009
Atlanta, GA
LOL! The bad fakes are like train wrecks... you really can't look away... it's awesome that you ran across some "real" quality to get the bad taste out of your mouth

i saw a terrible fake over the past weekend... i couldn't tell if it was trying to be an audrey or a sabrina or what but it was op art-esque, had some stiff leather? trim and had these clips on the ends attaching nothing to nothing and i just kept starting at it with a puzzled look on my face until my bff asked "what are you looking...?" and added with a nod and a knowing grimace, "oh... that" when he saw what was giving me grief!!


Jul 1, 2009
omg i see sooooo many people shopping at macys carrying fake bags there's one in particular i remember was really awful.... think a canvas garnet shaped bag with vinyl florescent c's inlaid on top in the pattern of the scribble collection :wtf: i would have to say the best ive seen though is the bone madison hippie with the painted signature scarf on it ohh it was gorgeous and ive seen emerald patent sabrina's and all kinds of bags i think for every awful fake i see here, i see a real one, so it all evens out. :smile:


Apr 12, 2009
It's always nice to see a real Coach out in the wild, especially after running into so many fakes!!