The Good and The Bad

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  1. The good... My Ergo came today. I wasnt to crazy about it at first but i must say when i took it out of the box and laid my hands on it....yes its mine!!:yahoo:

    The bad... I had my hamptons pouch on my desk @ work (i keep it there stocked w/the girly goods) some arse walked by and got pen on it!:cursing:

    How do i get it out?
  2. i just bumped up a thread called how to clean your coach. i think there is something about pen...good luck and congrats on your new bag!!
    oh, and Welcome!!
  3. Congrats on the Ergo and welcome. Is it the hobo or the tote? Yes you should check out the thread How to Clean Your Coach. They have lots of good tips. Good luck. Don't you hate it when other people are so inconsiderate of your things?
  4. A white hobo!

    Thanks for bumping the thread up!

    And yes i find people to be very inconsiderate. I've heard people say "its just a purse". Usually i am quite well mannered and respectful, but today they heard my colorful side.
  5. I would try a magic eraser. Don't use a tide-to-go pen on colors or leather. Or call Coach's 800#, that may be your best bet. Maybe you could even send it to them and they'll repair it for you.

    I know what you mean about some of the "asses" you work with. I've had that happen sooo many times and have gotten sooo pissed. They don't realize it's your personal property, which you have worked hard for. I'm sorry this happened to you and hope you get it fixed. Anyway, congrats on your new purchase!
  6. white erasers work well...
  7. Congrats on your ergo and I hope the pen mark comes out! Geez....what a can't even enjoy your new purse. :sad:
  8. I sincerely hope you screamed YOUR ARSE off at them! That really annoys me, too, when people say "it's just a purse"'s MY purse and it cost ALOT of money! Especially when the people saying it are carrying PLASTIC purses!!!!!!!! :wtf: I hope you get the dang ink out...keep us posted!
  9. I am really sorry that this happened to your bag. I get really annoyed when people just don't respect others property. I am a magnet for this type of trouble. I always have someone with a pen or coffee sit next to me the very first day I carry a new bag on the subway. I almost want to scream out Keep away from me and don't even touch my bag.
  10. A pen to a purse is equal to a key to a car! (it's just a car . . .:nuts::roflmfao:)

    . . . enjoy your ERGO!
  11. I'm sorry about your bag....grrrrr people are so rude!!!

    Congrats on the Ergo!!!!
  12. I'd flame that "person's" arse!!!!! Welcome to the Ergo club.