The GOLDEN glow of the Limelight (& more)

  1. No stripping here the long awaited Limelight GM in GOLD so so gorgeous!!!!!!

    I was trying to be good I knew the liemlight and cosmetics purse were in so that all I was going for or so I thought :graucho:

    I also picked up these goodies too
    Violette Heart Purse
    Gold Cosmetics Bag
    Violette Strap
    and a Velvet scarf which is BF's

    One of my SA's (store manager) showed me booklet the managers got about all the events over the christmas season and who was in the booklet..........


    at the christmas party a lady took my pic and I made it in to the book there are only 4 pics of guests, she's getting me a copy from corporate so when I get it I'll show you guys

    so LV should you require my services for ads etc I am available and will take my pay in as many bags as I can carry al la J-LO

    anyway I guess you'll be wanting to see pics?
  2. oops sorry still a little too big hold on shrinking pics
  3. ohhh cant wait to see pics!!
  4. OOOH! and please be sure to include whatever chanel goody you got too :graucho:
  5. ok here we go
    gold cosmetics.jpg violette heart.jpg gold limelight.jpg scarf.jpg
  6. oh that's AWESOME that you're in that LV booklet....thats totally freakin cool!

    Can't wait to see pics!
  7. Ahhh i soo want to see pictures! I want the Limelight clutch soo bad but i'm on a ban :sad:

  8. lol I didn't take pics but I will later LOST on in 10 minutes :yahoo:so it'll have to wait I'm afraid I can't wait for LOST
  9. how cute is this!!!!!!
    strap colour.jpg strap dark.jpg
  10. good timing then! i have to run out for some last minute groceries to make super bowl snacks!!! :smile:

    congrats on the limelight! seems like forever since you first mentioned them in the s/s thread :yahoo:
  11. Your goodies are TDF... congrats! I always love your purchases... :smile:

    Also congrats on making it into the book... ;)
  12. Lovely purchases - congrats.
  13. Congrats on all your new goodies!
  14. Visuals on the limelight :love:

    second pic I kept dark so you can see how it pops
    both limelightssmaller.jpg limelight visual 1.jpg limelight visual 2.jpg
  15. Congrats!! Lovely purchases as usual :love: also can't wait to see your pic in the book!