The Golden Globe Awards

  1. My DH played drums on one of the nominated songs:

    Seal - A Fathers Way

    Now we are just hoping this means it will get an Oscar nomination cause that will mean we get to go to the Oscars!:yahoo:
  2. well, guess I'm alone in my excitement...
    : (
  3. Good luck with the Oscar nomination!

    Keep us posted if he gets it or not.
  4. Sends you good luck : )
  5. sending you lots of good vibes....
  6. Congrats! That would be awesome. Keeping for my fingers crossed for you :smile:
  7. I just saw this thread Bags. CONGRATS. Is Seal's song in the same category as Prince? Best of luck at the Golden Globes and I hope you get a nod at the Oscars!
  8. I don't think so. He is up against Beyonce, Sheryl Crow and one other I can't remember...He is in the best song in a Movie category. Even if the song just gets nominated for an Oscar I will be jumping up and down cause the band will get to perform on the show.:smile: and the Shoo will get to glam up for a night!;)
  9. What movie is the song from?
  10. Pursuit of Happyness.

  11. wooooo congrats!:jammin:
  12. Our the Golden Globes tomorrow?
  13. well, I guess he was in the same category afterall cause the little fella (Prince) won! Oh well...keeping our fingers crossed for the Oscars...

  14. No worries ! it was still an amazing achievement :wlae: Keeping my fingers crossed to for the Oscars.
  15. That is so awesome. Just to be at point in your life where you are nominated for something that big is so awesome.:yahoo: Totally wishing you the best on the Oscar's. That would be so much fun.