The gold on the zipper is coming off after 3 weeks

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  1. I bought a Vernis framboise cles a couple weeks ago at the boutique and I noticed today that the gold is coming off of the zipper. It's kind of hard to see in the pictures so I circled the spots. Should this be happening at all? :crybaby:

  2. After only a couple of weeks, no way. Return it and get a new one.
  3. Well, none of mine have done that, but I have heard others talk about it happening. It looks like that is a spot that would rub on other things. Do you think it may have hit a counter top or something else hard that would have chipped it? So sorry it happened. Maybe some brass cleaner would help? Call your SA and ask for their recommendation or they may want you to bring it in. Good luck!
  4. it's not chipped because there is no surface difference. It's deffinatly rubbed.
  5. Ugh what a pain! Def. take it back!!
  6. I would definetly take it back!
  7. You can exchange it, but it will probably happen again. It's wear from rolling the brass ware on the zipper.
  8. I think it looks fine.
  9. That definitely should not be happening after 3 weeks of usage. :weird:

    I have several pochette cles that I've used for several years and none of the gold rubbed off. They looked pristine.
  10. this does happen to LV >.<
    I bought my panda ronde..and it's brand new...and if i look carefully, there's little bits very tiny..of gold coming off...
  11. LV have some quality problem??????????
  12. take it back!!
  13. I can't believe's beyond suck!! take it back...
  14. thats awful....after 3 weeks...take it questioning more and more the quality of LV recently...
  15. Take it back!! I've been using my noisette cles for a YEAR and there's no rub off.