The giveaway thread still doesn't have a correct guess yet...

  1. ...or does it?

  2. OMG! You can't do that to us!?!?! LOL

    You're killing me!
  3. Vlad, are you telling the truth?
    Is it possible that no one has guessed the right number?:shrugs:
  4. Very sneaky! It will be fun to see how close people get to the correct number.
  5. Oh wow, how is that possible?
  6. Only Vlad and I know... and you will never get it out of me...

    Unless you bribe me properly!!! :roflmfao:
  7. I never guessed! LOL!
  8. It's pretty sneaky how normal and peanut m&ms were mixed in.. I wanted to guess based on volume of the vase versus volume per m&m.. grrr !
  9. ^ Me too!!! It completely threw me off!!! So I just guessed at random...

    Would a LV cake help? :angel: :nuts:

    Or you know, if you like Chloé or Gucci better....

    [pictures from :]
  10. OMG, This is the cake I want for my next BDAY!!!!! ALL THREE PLEASE!!! Can you please tell me where i can get this? I tried the website but its not going through!
  11. Ohhh I want them tooo...LOL....the paddington looks sooo cool!
  12. whoa cool cakes!

    ....Vlad, did you really count ALL of thsoe M&M's one by one?
  13. i would of finished eating most of the m&MS instead..hehehe
  14. Ok, now this is just CRUEL, Vlad!!! I'm anxiously awaiting the results.....
  15. Do the results come out on the 30th?