The girls taking a morning nap!!!

  1. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
    Michelles Camp La Jolla 060.jpg Michelles Camp La Jolla 061.jpg
  2. PS...Lilly is sleeping with my hair tie that she refuses to leave...ever...its like her blanky. TOOOO CUTE.
  3. aww!!! hehe so cute!!
  4. how cute!! i love dobermans!!
  5. I wish they would get as big as dobermans!!! They are just little Min pins!!!
  6. Great pics! Your babies sure know how to chill .....
  7. Awwww...they're too cute!!! I love min pins!
  8. awww!! makes me wanna join
  9. awwww so cute and adorable.....
  10. What cute dogs you have! :smile:
  11. OHHH!!! CUTE DOGS!!! Love them!! She likes the hair thingy because it smells like mommy!
  12. Oh my gosh! They are SUCH beautiful babies!!! They are very regal looking. :smile:

    And I love how the 2nd one has her nose dogs do that too. It's so funny.
  13. Thanks al!!!!
  14. nooooo! hehe they are perfect miniature size!! :heart: :heart:
  15. There is no way I could cope with big dogs!! These 2 keep me busy enough!! I do love pretty!!! I took the girls to the dog park yesterday..its was HILARIOUS. There is a small dog side and a big dog side. The gilrs will not play with the little dogs!! They get right in there with the 100lbers. It really is fun to watch as Lilly is only 6 pounds and Violet 11!!! There was a doberman was amazing seeing the size difference!