The Girls Next Door

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  1. I never paid any attention at all to this show until the other day when I was trying to bring order to the chaos of my closet, and the TV happened to be left on E!

    For some reason, I found it both comical and intriguing, I think it might be of interest to social anthropologists one day, especially if they have very messy closets.

    For those who are unaware, the premise of this "reality" show is the lifestyle of three young blond girls with ample bosoms who all live in the Playboy Mansion, with Hugh Hefner, the founder of both Playboy magazine, nightclubs of the same name, and assorted Playboy stuff that over the better part of the last century has become a ginormous corporate entity. As readers with a mathematical bent will have surmised, Mr. Hefner is now quite elderly, though apparently continues to enjoy, to what extent is neither our business, nor to my mind a lovely grazing pasture for either thoughts or imagination, the lifestyle he popularized and evidently continues to epitomize.

    At first glance, the three live-in lovelies may appear indistinguishable, but after watching only a few episodes, one sees that their personalities are very different, and each one is fascinating in her own way, though perhaps more fascinating than they might be if they did not live with Hugh Hefner.

    One has lived with him for over five years, and openly expresses the hope that he will make a commitment to her, as well as the desire to have a child, and again it is better to divert the mind from aby obvious questions in that regard.

    Another is so unfailingly sweet, positive and perky that I expected to find her much more unbearable than I do. On the contrary, she comes across as a very sincere WYSIWYG young person, quite without the guile that one would expect would be necessary, at least in some small measure, in order to have landed herself in such a situation. Or perhaps it is that very lack of guile which has landed her there!

    The third is I guess the sporty one, with an interest in athletics, a professed dislike for heels, and the only one of the three whose conversations do not sound as though she has had some pageant training.

    I found myself hoping, in spite of myself, that none of the girls' feelings will be hurt, and that each is making some sound decisions of a financial nature, with an eye toward the future.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.