The Girls Next Door !

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    Does anyone else watch this show? I saw half of a episode today, but i coundnt watch the rest, it was too painful.
  2. lol i watch it sometimes for a cheap laugh... its kinda pathetic but when nothing else is on i am lowered to new lows
  3. oo I love this show - it's the epitome of dysfunction and cheap clothing LOL!!!
  4. I caught a bit of it, but had to change the channel. It was far too risquefor me :smile:
  5. I just watched 2 episodes.
    I know I am dumber now then when the started.
  6. I actually like this show. It's funny and entertaining. I'm not a big supporter of Playboy but I just can't switch the channel. The show is addictive.
  7. its different..i mean i dont really know lol. they cant ALL be intimate with him..a 25 yr old guy probably couldnt keep up with 3 pretty girls. and he's 80! ew to that ..the girls seem nice but lacking in morals a little bit. i know the youngest looks like shes 20 shouldnt she be out partying or in school!?
  8. Yep! It's like a trainwreck that I just cannot stop watching! I saw it for the first time today, too, and my DH could not understand how or why I continued to watch. I just couldn't help myself! :shame:
  9. I kinda like that show. Its funny to see how they live their lives.
  10. lol i think thats where it gets me with its trainwreckishness (idk its 3am) even when i am watching it i go this is insane its killing my brain cells but i dont turn the channel
  11. I've watched several episodes. It's cheap mindless entertainment while I'm laying in bed flipping channels before I go to sleep! Kendra is dumb as a box of rocks but I have to give Bridgette kudos for continuting her college education & getting her Masters degree. At least she isn't sitting around hoping the Playboy gig is going to take care of her the rest of her life. Holly, I'm a bit bewildered. She seems to be very "addicted" to Hef. Not to be mean, but he's is probably going to pass soon. She needs to focus on having a life on her own & not holed up in the mansion.. OK, I know WAY too much about this show:lol:
  12. Its hilarious!
    "oh Puffin!"
  13. I love watching the show. The characters are hysterical -- and very liberal with the truth because if Holly is 25, then I'm 25 again.
  14. I love the show, can't wait for the new season. The girls are so funny!
  15. I LOVE this show! The girls are great. It always has me cracking up. I dont know her name but the sporty one is the slowest human being I ever saw on TV. Has anyone seen the episode of when they have boxing/bbq at the mansion? The girl keeps seeing a manequin and saying "Gosh that guy is HOT!" and then she realizes it is a plastic figure. This had to happen about 3-4 times during the show. lmao. I love how Hef has his whole family involved in his production.
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