the girls next door....are back!

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  1. Anybody catch the latest episode. My favorite guilty please has returned. I read the book by the former bunny, "Bunny Tales" and I am seeing the girls in a whole new light!
  2. Was the book good?
  3. Is it true that Hef and Hollie get married she boots Kendra out of the mansion?
  4. I love this show. Total guilty pleasure!
  5. Bunny Tales was scadelous huh! But, the girl who wrote it was also VERY contradictory. It was always everyone else doing everything, but NOT her :rolleyes: Riiiiight!!
    Have you read Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion? Definately read that one too!! It's insane. And makes you wonder what a child would be doing at the mansion! And in last nite's episode it showed a little girl there, one of the playmate's daughters that Kendra said she "adopted" or something like that... who brings their kid there? ESPECIALLY after that book!
  6. yep, read both books. I was in my playboy mansion/stripper phase of literature for a while so I read books on the mansion as well as about two strippers. good fun easy reading. yes, the author in bunny tales is quite contradictory, but as someone says and she herself says, she's still sorting through the experience which I think may play a role in the contradictions. The childhood lost book was disturbing and fascinating at the same time and a much more consistent read, like someone who had made peace with their experiences.

    As for Holly and Hef, the new season may foretell if a wedding is in the future, but I doubt it!:p

    Yes, the book was good in a brain candy way.

  7. LOL that'd be funny...I can't stand Kendra!!! Holly's my fave!
  8. Is Hef going to marry her? I thought he said last year they would have a child together?
  9. Holly is DYING to sink her claws into him...I'm sure if they did get married that would be one tight pre-nup. Kendra is annoying as F**k. I thought she wanted out of there??
    I actually like Bridgette.
    I've been to the mansion and I didnt think it was anything spectacular. The ugliest/nerdiest man can get laid there lol
  10. ^^^ in the book, they basically say the mansion is run down and the best part is the grounds...
  11. isn't Hugh still legally married? I don't think he's legally divorced? If that's the case then Holly can forget it.
  12. Oh yes, I need to set my tivo! I love this show.
  13. ITA. Kendra has the most annoying laughter ever, Holly seems sort of possessive, but Bridget seems sweet :yes:

    That said, I don't know any of them, so I might be wrong, but that's the impression I've got from the show. I can't wait for another season :yahoo:
  14. I'm trying to remember where I read it, but not only is he still legally married, but he has no intention of divorcing.

    It might have been on the E! girls next door boards.
  15. This show is my secret guilty pleasure. My husband thinks it's hysterical that I watch it. That said, I also find Bridget the funniest, and nicest without coming off as a complete dummy which I feel Kendra does sometimes. However, I think Kendra has the most naturally pretty face.