the girl with a living room full of tokidoki.

  1. there is a girl on here with a living room full of millions of tokidoki bags, i remember seeing that picture a while ago but i cannot find it anymore. can someone post the pictures of it? please please?

  2. was it like one of those pics from pulse's toki idol?

    lol i was gonna ask you the other day if you still had that PG campeggio cause i remember someone gave you a hard time for pricing it for over 200.. i bet that person is eating their words now!
  3. yeah i still have it and i was having a auction style taking the highest bidder then the person bailed. i'm glad i didnt sell it after all.
    nope it was a picture of all this toki on the living room floor and a cat or dog in the pic too.
  4. yeaah i remember. i know! think of how valuable it is now. i think the placements you have are badass too.

    do you remember where you saw it?
  5. nope that's not the pic, it was a living room floor full of bags
  6. it was in the show your tokidoki pictures collection part 1 but i looked and couldn't find it. i spent the last hour looking and no luck.

    yeah when i was goign to sell my tan pg campeggio she was like "way to rip people off" HAHAHAH stupid hoesbag for starting it at $200

    what are they selling for now?
  7. Maybe you're talking about Jeanne? Tokidokiangel? There was a living room and she was like kneeling down next to the bags and there was a table i think in there???
  8. it must have been angelic*ruin???

  9. btw angelic, you have a TON of bags!! ;) can I just go shopping at your house??
  10. LOL I thought of Angelic*ruin's picture when I read this.. I'd definitely want to shop at your house angelic! :graucho: hehe :p
  11. I've sold/selling several of them. Trying to widdle it down to what I am really going to use all the time.:rolleyes:
  12. Oh my lambfashionista I want you Foresta Ciao Ciao!!! :yes: