The Gilmore Girls

  1. I am completely baffled as to why I like this show. I never watched a minute of it when it was on, but since I discovered it a few weeks ago, not only do I appear to be carefully Tivoing every episode, but saving them up to make little mini-marathons for myself during chunks of time when I am relatively certain that I will be alone and uninterrupted.

    It is a veritable chowder of a show, lousy and lumpchunky with cheese and corn, but I cannot bear to miss a single episode.

    Perhaps the most alarming aspect of my unexpected enjoyment of this pretty standard 90s TV offering is how much I identify with the Gilmore Girls. Not the kid, of course, and not really the mother, although she does enjoy making a wisecrack or two now and then, but it is the crotchety, imperious, insufferable old ***** of a grandmother with whom I have, to my horrified amazement, the most affinity.

    Emily Gilmore knows what she wants, she knows what she likes, and she knows who she is, and so do I.
    And when a situation involves other people, places or things that dare to diverge from the first two, in clear and utter disregard of the third, Emily is not one to stand on the ceremonies of reticence. And neither am I. Though I do try to be as polite about it as one can under such circumstances. Emily, not so much.

    For the benefit of the two elderly lurkers in Mogadishu who join me in being the only people on earth who did not watch this show ten years ago, the premise is this:

    Lorelai Gilmore, the witty but only very slightly unconventional only child of parents so conventional that her father is played by the same actor whose starred in the most famous made-for-TV movie about Franklin Roosevelt, gets pregant in high school, and decides to raise the baby herself, which she does, and when we meet them all, she is pretty much done with that, as the baby is now a teenager and in high school herself.

    Rory, the erstwhile baby, enjoys very close if very different relationships with both her mother and her grandmother (hence the name of the show) who each believes herself to be much more different from each other than they really are.

    While Emily may prefer a more overtly old-fashioned and traditional lifestyle, Lorelai's ostensible rejection of tradition is wafer-thin, confined to things like the occasional comical household accent piece, and while Rory dutifully plays along with her mother's charade, she is, even at sixteen, clearly headed more toward Emily's side of the chart.

    So it is beyond unclear why I would find any of them remotely likeable or interesting characters, since about the only thing I really have in common with Emily (aside from what I consider to be just a healthy amount of basic arrogance) is a partiality for a well-appointed dinner table. Maybe it is an inversion-based attraction. If Lorelai's contempt for tradition is confined to superficialities, I guess you could say the same thing about my predeliction for it. I do love me some fine textiles and bone china.

    It is probably most accurate to say that the show relaxes me, kind of like the way Ina Garten does.

    Lorelai's little quips, her bantering with Rory, are funny in the same sort of comforting way the Three Stooges are funny, and the way the show adheres to all the standard sitcom conventions has a calming effect somehow. There are no surprises, no onion-like layers of character depth to be plumbed, everyone is consistently and satisfyingly exactly as their one-dimensional true-to-genre sitcom self is supposed to be.

    The younger, single Gilmore girls have a full contingent each of the expected wacky friends, engage in all the expected romantic hijinks, all of whom and which Emily variously approves, disapproves, or knows nothing about.

    The acting is, at worst, slightly a cut above the average sitcom level, the casting is excellent, and the pace is fast enough to engage me, which is saying a lot.

    I highly recommend this show to that afore-mentioned pair of Mogadishu elders, my fellow Ina Garten fans, and anybody else who seeks an amusing, entertaining, and bewilderingly soothing televiewing experience.
  2. I'm happy to see that Gilmore Girls is still drawing in new viewers even though it's ended. This show may be many of the things you said, which aren't entirely positive but for some reason I find those things to be part of the shows charm. I think after a while longer you'll know without a doubt why it is you like this show. Have fun watching all the seasons, I still watch them even though I've seen them all.
  3. Regarding the set of the Gilmore mansion, I think, especially in the later seasons which are filmed in HD, it's one of the best designed interior sets I've ever had the pleasure to rest my eyes on. The colour palette, the furniture and its arrangement, as well as all the flower arrangements, they were all very well chosen.
  4. i LOVE gg and i am currently rewatching every episode (competing aganist my best friend to see who can finsih first - but he's never seen any episodes so i love how excited he gets), i have seen every ep every was my tuesday night ritual! alexis isn't the best actress but i love her anyway. i just love love love this show. lauren graham was robbed every season for not being nominated for an emmy. it was disgusting. she is so talented, and kelly bishop! the mom from dirty dancing, i love her and edward hermann together they play off each other so well. and emily kuroda is brilliant!

    i could go on and on and on and on!
  5. How I miss this show...although the movie Juno did remind me of it a bit...dialogue wise I mean.
  6. I, too, never watched this when it was on, but I'm loving it. I'm actually thinking of buying the dvd set. The dialogue is the main reason I watch. I think it seems to be one of the more intelligent series produced for regular t.v.
  7. I have to admit I love GG. I was there for the very first episode and the very last. I love the pacing and the pop culture references. I think they do a good job of looking at family dynamics. My bff loves Emily as well for her unapologetic approach to life. And yes, Lorelei is more like her mother than she wants to admit which adds to the humor and drama of the show. In many she is the Gilmore Girl most working on growing up. And yes, Rory is like her grandma as Lorelei says at one point, "What Rory wants, Rory gets."

    And who doesn't like fine linens and china?
  8. This was definitely one of my favorite shows for a while! The last 2 or 3 seasons started to lose me, but I hung on for a while because of my love for the earlier seasons.

    Shimma, I love the grandparents, both Emily and Richard, I really think they're great characters on the show!

    If anyone wants the DVDS, they're on sale at Best Buy for 19.99 each season according to the ad in Sunday's paper:smile:
  9. this is one of my favorite shows and wish it hadnt been cancelled. i watched that show from the very first episode to the very last one haha my husband was glad when it was over, he says they never shut up haha
  10. Gilmore Girls is my ALL TIME favorite shows :love::love::love::love:

    I have seasons 1-5 on dvd... I just need the money to be able to get seasons 6 and 7:shame:
  11. I love GG, one of my fav shows - I am thrilled people are still discovering it. The writing is top notch and it is just so heartwarming. Last X'mas, I totally splurged and spent over $200 on the complete series collector's box set, it's adorable and comes into a "barbie-like" can google it to see the image....

    I totally love how as each season progressed, Rory got way cooler clothes! haha
  12. wow i hate the collectable set. it's so un-gilmore. i will just keep my individual box sets!

    im' rewatching season 4, but after watching seasons 2 and 3 i always want to throttle the writers for the way they change people like jess and dean

    i can't wait for logan to show up...i loved him!
  13. I only discovered the Gilmore Girls between the 6th and 7th seasons...I watched seasons 1 through 6 during my break from school and loved it! I was so sad when it went off air. I still watch it whenever it's on tv. I don't think there has ever been a bad GG episode!
  14. what's ungilmore liek about the box set? :shrugs:I think it looks cute and was planning to buy it..
  15. I won't ruin the ending for everyone that didn't watch it, but because they intended the series finale only to be the season finale it really didn't sum it up for me.

    I LOVE this show and watch all seasons every couple of months.