the gigi is no more..... ):

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  1. When I was @ Coach yesterday the SA's confirmed that the GIGI is no longer being made :sad:

    Check your outlets!!!!!
  2. WOW!! Wonder why?
  3. I'll be heading to the outlet next weekend. I'll definitely check it out.
  4. I was wondering what color they would come up with next for Gigi. I guess I don't need to wonder any more. I'm happy I snagged two of them at the outlets. I wonder why they're discontinuing them?
  5. Coach will probably have an incarnation of it in the future.
  6. This is true for all current Legacy other than the Bridgit. I was also told they are stopping at the bottle green color for the Bridgit, but I don't know if I believe that.

    The Gigis have been at the outlets already, but last couple of colors will probably mostly end up there in about 1.5-2 weeks from now. I think it took AC about 2 weeks to get in the teal Gigis from the last website pull.
  7. Wha?


    I never even get to try one on :rolleyes:

    Oh well.... On with the new, I guess :okay:
  8. They always reinvent that style, It used to be the slimtote. They just move the pockets around, make them one then 2, they will probably make one with the one on top and then 2 at the bottom, who knows !
  9. Good grief. I fully expect to see Zoes at the outlet before Christmas at this rate.
  10. my boutique had the zoe's in the back, they just couldn't put them out yet
  11. The Gigi has been around for two years now. The entire Legacy collection is being updated; therefore, Gigi must be retired. I must say that the new Legacy tote is pretty fantastic though!

    As for the Zoe...she is blowing up in popularity and will be around for a long while!
  12. Well, if this is true, I'm definately keeping my amethyst Bridgit. I have always wanted a Bridgit and if I return this one, I may NEVER get one! Garcia leather or not...a Bridgit is a Bridgit. But I do plan to return it in September to rebuy w/the elusive PCE. IF I get one. If I don't, oh well -- I'll still keep her! But I am still very disappointed in the Gigi disappearing. That is one of Coach's most beautiful bags!
  13. I saw a bag called the Julianne in the lookbook today that is a large square tote - it came in several leather/colors - looked to be about the size of the Gigi, but frankly, I liked the style of the Gigi a lot better than this bag.

  14. REALLY!?! They are making a bag called Julianne?! That's my name! Spelled the same way and everything!:nuts: Sorry for the excited outburst, but that will be SO exciting to have the same name as a Coach goodie hahaha:roflmfao: