The Gift Of A Perfect Bag...


Jul 12, 2012
VDay is coming! I see a lot of posts on here about significant others buying bags as gifts for special occasions. Now I know my hubby could not walk into a dept store and pick out a bag for me. He'd b lost! He has no clue what id want. My mom or sister might know but not hubby. Even if I told him the name of a bag I like I'd just feel bad sending him there poor lost soul. So I just pick out a bag myself on occasion and it's my gift from him. Its my gift of a perfect bag! He cant lose! And if i need to return it for any reason he doesnt know anyway so no hurt feelings! Lol!

However; once I did actually witness a guy in a Coach store picking out a Xmas gift for his wife so I know there's guys who do go in and pick out a bag for their partner.

So who here picks out their own bag and says its from their significant other and who here actually has a bag given to them as a complete surprise by their partner?


Jul 26, 2012
South Carolina
I've done it both ways. Hubby surprised me with a new tote last fall-totally out of the blue-and I've also picked out exactly which bag I want and he's paid for it.


Jul 20, 2012
San Antonio, TX
I pretty much pick out and purchase all of my own gifts....purses or not. Dh has on a couple of occasions got me a gift solo, my laptop and jewelry .....but for the most part since we get what we want thru the year anyway we are just exchanging gifts for the sake of the children seeing us get things. Even after 22 yrs together dh struggles with gift buying.


Jan 22, 2013
Augusta, Ga
Well... it's complicated! lol. I keep a wish list on the Coach website that I update regularly removing styles I've recently bought or can get cheaper somewhere else. I give him an updated list and then he picks what he likes from the list so I'm still surprised. There are times I may be concerned about a bag that I really want being discontinued and we'll just go together and pick it up.


LV Content
Dec 11, 2012
I pick my own and it's from him. I did witness a guy buying a bag yesterday though. I always think it's adorable when a man shops for a woman. They all have the same look on their face, lol. When he was asked if he wanted a matching wallet he said "No thank you, I still have to go down to Kay's.". I almost fell out! I wanted to ask if he needed a new friend because I had the perfect guy, lol. While they wrapped his purse he left to go to Kay's. I almost wanted to hang around just to see what he came back with! Anyways, that was just something cute I saw while buying my new Haley.
Feb 5, 2013
I kinda would like to see what bag my BF would pick for me, it might be hilariously wrong or spot on lol

He has bought me a bag but he came in with me and I picked it.

Last week I saw a couple at the outlet and the guy kept bringing over purses to to see if she liked it, it was cute.
Feb 21, 2009
Atlanta Ga
I usually buy my purses myself, at xmas time my dh always ask me if I have gotten my xmas bag yet. He has bought me a lv, and a Coach bag in the past and I loved both of them. He says it just easier if I do it myself.


Dec 7, 2011
Before we had kids, dh would pick out a gift for me (usually jewelry, flowers, perfume; never a purse). But after having kids, he takes them w/ him & lets them help pick something. Which I actually really love. They get really into it & have fun being sneaky about it. & I love being surprised by what they pick out. It's always a mix of funny & nice things. For my birthday last yr, they got me a scarf, a shoe rack (bc my dd said i really needed one, lol), earrings & a mug w/ their pic on it. :heart:
And to see the excitement on their cutie little faces as they give me gifts is priceless :smile:
I'd rather just get my own purses so I'm not disappointed. Dh understands jewelry, not purses (fine by me! Lol).


Aug 15, 2012
My DH has never picked out a purse for me on his own which is for the best. ;) He has bought me a few that I picked out ahead of time. He will surprise me with other things on occasion, but purses he wouldnt even try to choose.


Coach Lover
Nov 27, 2012
Washington State
My very first Coach was a gift from my husband, picked out all by himself and a total surprise! Since then we limit gift spending so not enough for large Coach purchases that way, but he has picked out smaller items. If we did spend more on gifts I have no doubt my husband would pick bags that I would like.

My husband and I share all our money so if he took me to a store and told me to pick out something, I don't think I would feel like it came from him at all. And if I bought my own and said it was a gift from him, well, it wouldn't feel like it was from him then either. For us, gifts are surprises and not to be picked out or bought for yourself. We do float ideas sometimes, though. :smile:


Coach Lover
Nov 27, 2012
Washington State
Men can pick out gifts for their woman! It's a small thing and the gesture speaks volumes IMO. I would never let my husband off the hook with this. Of course it would be easier if we all bought our own gifts, but easy isn't always the most thoughtful and courteous.

Btw, I'm in no way judging anyone or how they handle things, I'm just saying for us, gift buying is special and something we look forward to. Changing it is non-negotiable. It's the little things that spice up life!


Sep 16, 2008
my house
Seems like the guys shopping on Coach site all have been given lists. It's so cute to chat with then and have them confused about finding what they were told to look for. Lots of last minute ones too