1. Edit** Price is US $865...
    I've seen it in black as well, which was just as equally gorgeous.

    So my boyfriend's boss sent me to shop for his daughter since her birthday is coming up. Most of the things on her list was Chanel although I did manage to squeeze this thing in for her (trying to slowly convert her to Balenciaga...)



    Looks fairly small, right? But actually, in person it's quite's a pic of it next to the make up clutch...


    The thing I love about it



    Although I do hate the zipper tabs that hang out...reminds me of the Flying Nun.


    But then you can always tuck it in...


    And as a bonus for my personal shopping services, the boss got me a Black Weekender :yahoo: (just what I've been wanting these past few weeks!). I'll take a pic once I receive it (which I think is tomorrow)...

    and here's a preview of my Sandstone Work (it's difficult to capture the color for this one)...

  2. OMG!!!!! Thanks for the AMAZING pictures!!! I love the white giant traveler!!!! What is the price? Great piece! You must be having a blast shopping for the bosses daughter!!!! Lucky you~ getting the black weekender!!! You must be so excited!!!!~ and the sandstone is hot!!!!!!!!!
  3. Gorgeous It's Tdf
    Congrats For The Weekender
  4. That traveler is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Very cool. Love the sandstone work, too. Sandstone is such a great color.
  5. Wow! I love it!!!!!!!!!

    How much $$$ is the traveler? :sweatdrop:
  6. Lol, I forgot to add the price...

    $865 US
  7. i likey likey =)
  8. That giant traveller is ingenious! Thanks so much for the pics and you are one lucky woman - congrats on the score for the black weekender. Heck, I'd be willing to do the shopping service for free just to have the chance to go and buy anything Balenciaga.
  9. Ooo...I really like that! and I love all of the great organizational bits too:p !
    And wow, congrats on the Weekender:nuts: - that boss is a KEEPER!!!
  10. That is amazing!!! I really like that especially with all the tabs inside!! Oh dear I feel I may have to break my purse ban for one in a colour! Does anyone know what colours BalNY will be getting it in??
  11. Wow, that is gorgeous!

    Congrats on scoring a Black one for yourself!
  12. the work is soo pretty!!! I really want one just like yours!
  13. One lucky guy;)
  14. I don't know which I am more excited about the new traveler (which is TDF!!!) or your new black weekender! AACK! How fantastic! Thanks for the wonderful pics.
  15. Lol! Thanks :roflmfao: