the GIANT line.....yes or no?

  1. I am this close to getting a giant part time in dark chocolate(though I want natural, I don't think there is one at my local Neiman Marcus).

    I really like the giant's very Bling Bling, you know....

    and all my friends say they are such a NO, NO....:crybaby:
    Especially when they raised the price alot.....I think the part time size is 1645 + tax.

    What do you think? I should go w/ my own opinions, right?
  2. Yeah, if you love it & it'll make you happy - then get it :smile:
  3. Definitely go with our own opinion! If you love it and carrying it will make you feel like a million $$, get the GH!

    If you have reservations though, you might want to hold off. I think it's definitely a statement piece, even more so than some of the big colors. But, again, if it's a statement you want to make... go for it:smile:
  4. That sounds amazing!! If you like it...get it!

    If you think you like it now wait until you get it home and start carrying it you will fall in love! GH is addictive!
  5. if it's what you want - go for it!!! I have the truffle with gh in brief style - its great. the cafe looks fab. too with the gh. I got my natural gh in the work from Barneys and they were expecting another shipment in of them:smile:
  6. Go with your gut! If it feels *right* to you, then go for it. For me personally, it's too rich for my blood! (literally, too much $$$)
  7. I didn't like the GH at first, but now I think it's got pizzaz. I have a white day with GH and I have a cobalt in the new hobo on order.

    That said, I do think the GH is flashier. I think the regular hardware is great for understated looks, while the GH makes a statement.
  8. Go with your feeling! If it makes you happy:yahoo:, then go for it and bring it home.:balloon:

    Maybe you can try ordering from BNY to save a couple of $ for tax.
  9. If you want the NATUREL, why don't you ask your SA to transfer it from another store for you? They've done that for me here at my local NM
  10. I LOVE IT, I held off on the bbag so far, until now, with the GH. My vert d'eau GH city is in the clutches of a FEDEX employee right now, waiting to clear custom.............................................still waiting....................
  11. If you love it get it :biggrin:!
  12. The GH is def blingy:yes:. Don't listen to your friends they are not the ones buying it, go with what your heart desires. I bet when you get it you may change there opinions cause you will be rockin it. I know the Nordstrom in Sacramento, CA 916 646-2400 has the bags there. The assistant manager there will mail the bag to you and is very very helpful. If not there, there is always BalNY. Would love to know what you decide. I have the GH city in truffel and it a lighter brown....Love it
  13. I think you should call around and get the one that you really want. If you can't find anyone else with natural then I would say get the dark chocolate. Good luck and congrats on whichever one you choose!!!
    PS Don't forget to post pics when you get it:yes: !!!!
  14. If you like it, grab it....while they're still around....
  15. At first I disliked the GH, but then I started seeing TPF members' photos, who had bought the bag, and seeing them in those photos as compared to LVR's PDF photos, or AR PDF photos, they look so much better. And now that I have my white city GH, I love it. Go with your own feelings - don't be dictated by what your friends say. A lot of times, friends have their own agenda they are working.