The general authenticate section in bags, bags, bags

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  1. seems to be full of locked threads because people post everything there rather than scroll down to find the right section.

    Do you think it would work to move it to the end, underneath all the brand sections so that new members would have to go past these to get to it? They might then spot the right section first!

    Does that make sense? :sweatdrop:
  2. I don't understand to be honest. . .
  3. I was afraid I wasn't making sense!

    I think that people are posting in the Authenticate This because it's the first thing they see at the top of the page.

    Basically my suggestion was to move the Authenticate This out of Bags, Bags, Bags and put it at the end of the Designer Forums, under YSL. Maybe call it "All other authentications" or something :shame:

    To find it you'd have to go past all the separate designer forums so hopefully more people would post in the right sections in the first place.

    How's that?
  4. ahhh, gotcha!

    Maybe so!
  5. Phew! ;)
  6. I wanted to bump this and add my agreement that this would definitely help the problem. The "Authenticate This" thread is up at the top before the brand forums, so someone wouldn't even make it far enough down the list to see there's a separate forum for the brand in question. And it might help lighten some of the modding load in the general authentication forum. xD
  7. Bump

    I just had a quick check and there were at least 15 threads just on the first page that were in the wrong section :push: