The Gecko?

  1. The Luba J Gecko. Has anyone seen this bag? I just love it. They arent available over here. Does anyone know if this is a good quality brand? And is this website reliable to buy from?
    Luna Boston | Gecko Bag Details

    Sorry to ask so many questions.
    Id appreciate any help.
  2. i have seen this bag IRL, it is really cute. i have a Luba J challah bag and i love it. the leather is really nice and the suede lining is super soft. Luna Boston | Stylish, Chic Handbags and Accessories is a very reputable website, i would definately buy from them.
    i think you will love the bag!
  3. Thanks for that Milton :smile:
  4. What a cute bag! I love the pebbled leather and the color. Another bag to put on my list.
  5. I have the Gecko in coffee brown and I LOVE IT!! :love: :love: :love:
    It is a smaller bag than I usually carry, but it holds a lot and the leather is devine!! Mine was purchased at Fred Segal. Worth EVERY penny!!
  6. I like the look of it
  7. I like it too.....It's unusual and eye-catching...! :heart: Emmy
  8. The bag is hot. I would buy it, if only it was a bit BIGGER!
  9. to me the bag seems to b a bit small.the look of it is hot but.....gecko?? :sad:
  10. Great looking bag!!!
  11. I love the way the bag looks, but I won't buy because there is no cell phone pocket, and that really bothers me.
  12. I just put this one on my wish list for Christmas. I love the color!!!!! Very different!