The Gauntlet III

  1. Yay the MTV brings back its Real world/Road rules challenge. It starts Jan 23 and the trailer looks like we have a good season ahead of us. There are some familiar faces and if I recall certain people who said they were not coming back are back.
    Heres a glimpse of the trailer:

    Anyone else excited about this?
  2. Wow..I got so caught up in this last season but had to miss some and got all mixed up.. I've got tivo now so I can't wait!! Let the drama begin!! lol
  3. The rumored cast list:

    Beth S. (Los Angeles)
    Coral (Back to New York)
    Adam (Paris)
    CT (Paris)
    Brad (San Diego)
    Robin (San Diego)
    Danny (Austin)
    John (Key West)
    Paula (Key West)
    Katie (The Quest)
    Casey (Fresh Meat)
    Diem (Fresh Meat)
    Eric (Fresh Meat)
    Evan (Fresh Meat)
    Ev (Fresh Meat)
    Kenny (Fresh Meat)

    Frank (Las Vegas)
    Johanna (Austin)
    Melinda (Austin)
    Nehemiah (Austin)
    Rachel (Austin)
    Janelle (Key West)
    Tyler (Key West)
    Zach (Key West)
    Alex (Denver)
    Brooke (Denver)
    Jillian (Extreme)
    Ryan (Fresh Meat)
    Angel (Viewers’ Revenge)
    Derek (Viewers’ Revenge)
    Tori (Viewers’ Revenge)

    Yay! CT's back! He is so FREAKING hot!
  4. I'm excited! CT is realllly cute, but an AHOLE??
  5. I thought Coral wasn't going to come back...well guess they always do.
  6. Yea!!! I love the challenges!
  7. This list is like a whos who of everyone I really don't like from past shows. Oh well that just makes for a better drama filled season. :nuts:
  8. The first time I saw a commercial for this I got very excited! These cast members are the most famous non-famous people ever haha. I think with all these new reality shows with people we don't know, it's nice to have some of our fav characters back :smile:
  9. I hate CT...he's a big dummy
  10. Hopefully this isn't as disappointing like RW Sydney.
  11. I see Tonya isn't on it - I guess she's too busy making porn....:lol:
  12. Is Tonya really making porn????
  13. cant wait for the finale, thats when the marathons of all the shows are shown. I hate watching one show then got to wait for the next week for the following
  14. but honestly...who's surprised?? :search: Just as I one! lol
  15. o i cant wait for the drama!!