The Gauffre Bag - Need your expertise (planning to get one this weekend)

  1. Hi there,

    I have been eyeing this bag forever since the first time I saw their ad on the magazine. Would like to get the pale yellow color and tan handles and called Prada in Chicago and they said they dont have any and I need to order.
    I tried to get more information but the sales guy was not very helpful.

    Can anyone tell me the sizes of the Gauffre bag and the color palette?
    Or maybe pictures ?
    Thanks a lot :roflmfao:
  2. The E/W version DOES come in 3 sizes.I actually own 2(just got a new smaller one today in a TDF blush color) leather.You need to see if THATS the shape first of all.Prada stores DONT carry all the sizes..NM does.Ive seen them all there..also Saks has a good selection.Feel free to PM me..I have5 Gauffres(Im a sicko!!LOL!)..and Im quite good on knowing which ones are where.The last I heard.The NM in Las Vegas had the yellow version too.
    The Prada stores DONT always get all the colors.I also have an email from Bergdorfs with their latest delivery..that I can forwardyou
  3. Hi Jill,

    thanks for the response. Unfortunately we don't have Bergdorfs in Chicago area..sniff. I will check out NM today though and if they dont have any, I will go to Prada boutique.I hope I can see the yellow in person before I make the purchase.
  4. Jill,please post a picture of your new gauffre!!!
  5. Another one Jill???? Dear God, I need to borrow your credit card!!
  6. ^lol!
    Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I started a gauffre thread at the top of the forum to help us document each one!!!(My new one is in there!!HEEHEE!)
  8. may we suggest the blush (cera) in nappa leather from recent season? :yes: from last season would be the cocoa (brown) in nappa leather also. there is the E/W shape: larger and smaller, there is the frame bag (at least from F/W 06, not sure if they have one with the newer season): large and small, the square (not tote): large and small, the tote (which i dont personally like so much). i do not think the nylon gauffre bags are as nice as the leather ones.