The Gastineau Girls !!

  1. What do guys think of this Mother Daughter Socialite Duo ?
  2. I think they are a train wreck, and I am not sure why they have their own show.
  3. they bore the bejesus out of me.
  4. I think that the mother has had so much plastic surgery that she looks awful; not to mention that they both share a brain cell.
  5. Sometime I like the show, but that's just me. It's just about them being rich and famous. After awhile, it gets boring.
  6. I agree that it does tend to be on the boring side watching a plastic "wanna be young again" mom striving to be like her daughter and a daughter who is spoiled, on TV. However just like a train wreck, there's a morbid fascination watching one.
  7. Another good one Pradasmeadow. I like them...another few girls just trying to make a living and doing what they are comfortable doing to do so. Thier show does not bother me because it is another reality show...who knows if they really are the silly girls that they show! I think they are beautiful women...spoiled? Yes! BUT I love thier clothes, and the fun stuff they do. Its just a bit over the top sometimes...Just like the show Breaking gets ratings...NOW Im actually going to walk away from the computer!!! I have not read in ages, or watched the Sopranos etc..because Im always on this addictive damn site! Happy good friday girls!
  8. Not a big fan of the show,but I have caught some episodes.
  9. Silly twits, but I love the fashions!
  10. I sometimes wonder how much money they really have. I also wonder if Lisa ever found love.
  11. I watched a few episodes.....then I caught my hubby watching it ;)
  12. I used to watch it...but only because I couldn't help myself. I like neither one of them.
  13. :lol:

    I've seen about two episodes. I dont know. . .no comment really.
  14. I've never seen the show, but I think the concept is kind of bleh.
  15. I saw perhaps 15 minutes of their show when it first aired and couldn't figure out why anyone would give them their own show. I've not watched it since.