The gangs all here!!!

  1. Sooo the last addition to my sale craze has just arrived:yahoo:..... The muscade zippy:drool: OMG I love it. Who new she would be just what I imagined:heart:. Well here goes my crappy pics, they're from my phone because I don't want dh to see the downloaded pics from the camara because then I will be calling him my ex DH:lol:.

    Heres whats in the pics:

    Whiskey edith & wallet
    Large ava (antilope)
    Paddington hobo/tote(black)
    Mucade large zippy bouler
    Brun paddy wallet
    collection.jpg wallets.jpg
  2. Great collection......your new muscade is hot!!
  3. Ali - your sale collection is awesome!!! Congratulations on some great bags at great prices!
  4. Thanks guys!!! I still can't believe I bought all of these bags in the last three weeks:shocked:. I do believe I have gone mad:wacko:!!!
    Maybe one of these days I will take a pic of my complete collection, I'm sure the rest of my chloes are wondering why they're not taking pics too:lol:
  5. wow great collection Ali....great work finding those deals!!!
  6. Thanks Mona, I still can't believe I found so many deals. I just couldn't resist:nogood:. Well at least I will have plenty of bags to play with while I'm on
  7. What a fabulous collection--and great job finding all those deals!!! Congrats!
  8. All great purchases! Congrats!
  9. :nuts:Ooh la la! :nuts: Ali I just :heart:LOVE:heart: your collection!!! That new muscade zippy is sooooo :drool:gorgeous!!! I was hoping you'd take a pic for us... and can't wait to see a pic of the rest of your lovely gals! Thanks for sharing :tup:

    p.s. Don't forget to erase the pic from your camera :graucho:
  10. Lol... Didn't even want to take the chance of using the camara I just used my phone:lol:.

    Thanks everybody for the congrats, You all make me feel much better about my addiction:p:love:!!!
  11. You can open a store girlfriend and I'll be your first customer!!!!!!!! Great shopping eye. That Ava is adorable and continues to grow on me. I would love her in burnt orange.

    Congrats on a worthy collection.
  12. Love the Edith wallet!! It's adorable.

  13. LOL...that's what friends :cutesy::girlsigh::tispy: (and fellow Chloe addicts!) are for, Ali!
  14. Even though its hard to see them - they are lovely!
  15. congrats!