The gangs all finally here!

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  1. The last 2 bags I was waiting for just arrived. Had to take a complete LV family photo.

    View attachment 9738

    I also got the damier papillon 30 but sent it back. I didn't really like it. I want so much to like something in that line too. :sad:
  2. Great family portrait!!! :smile: Yr two Speedies look super new.. Have u had a chance to break them in yet?
  3. Woohoo, beautiful family :love: I really love the perforated plate.
  4. they are super new. although the 30 was bought from a consignment store. I'm thinking the original owner didn't like it????? The 25 just came in today along with the mini pleaty I bought from pursegalsf.
  5. Wow .... that's some LV collection you have there! Congrats!
  6. Yay! Great collection, thanks for sharing!
  7. What a beautiful family you have, congrats !!!
  8. I love your perfo plate! I'm getting that in orange too!
  9. loving the wapity!!nice!!:love:
  10. :nuts: . Congrats. All of them are beautiful.
  11. beautiful LVs. are those speedys both 25s or is the one on the right a 30?
  12. Oooh I love the speedies, and the wapity is darling !
  13. Yay! I have the 35 and 40 and love the pic I took of them together. Nice family!!!
  14. Cute collection! Gosh, everytime I see the orange Onatah, it reminds me of a pumpkin. :smile:
  15. Beautiful collection!...thanks for taking the time to share.