The Games People Play !!

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  1. Do you play any board games ?
    How about cards ?
    Maybe Pool/Snooker ?

    I play Chess, Bridge, Poker and Monopoly.
  2. scrabble
    candyland (jk);)
  3. I like to play pool. I am pretty good, but only after having a few drinks! :smile:
  4. Texas Hold 'Em, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and drinking games :P
  5. haha! What are your favorite drinking games?

    I enjoy kings, and bayroute ( beer pong). I'm actually pretty good at them for being a girl. :-P
  6. We play one that my friends call Waterfall, but I know it as Circle of Death. You spread the cards around in a circle, and each card means something different. If you get a 4, you have to slam your hands down on the table. Last person to do so has to drink. If you get a 5, it's categories, such as "Types of Beer". You go around the table shouting different beers - the person who screws up has to drink. The worst is when you end up picking the fourth King, that means two shots, one right after the other :lol:

    There is also one called F*** the Dealer, where the person has to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the one drawn. If they guess wrong, they have to drink the difference between the card drawn and the second card. If they're right, the dealer has to drink double. This one gets the dealer drunk fairly quickly :nuts:
  7. Waterfall and Kings are the same game! Except in my version, a certain card means "waterfall" and when it's drawn you have to drink untill the person next to you stops. lol.

    I also like A**hole. :-P
  8. I am POGO member.
    Every week I have to do POGO challenge badge.
    Anyone here POGO member at
  9. Board Games - Monopoly, Scrabble, RISK, Clue

    Card - Poker, Black Jack
  10. I play Sims on my laptop and Scrabble. Unfortunately, I don't know how to play any card games. :shame:
  11. I also do POGO. Used to be addicted to it. Not a whole lot of time to do challenges lol. I like the quick quack game lol.
  12. love scattegories and trivial pursuit
  13. er !!! what do you have to do for A **hole :shame: Ive never heard of it, (as a game I mean. ) :shame:
  14. It's a drinking game :nuts:

    There are probably different variations of it, but here is some general information from

  15. Scene it, scrabble, all sorts of card games, domino.