The Gals On The PF Rock!

  1. I am so happy I found this site. I am a LV enthusiast who as devoted all my love and attention, and a lot of my husband's money on Louis Vuitton. I have been seriously contemplating branching out to buy my first Balenciaga. Since I don't like the new stiffer leather and my second favorite thing after LV is pink I have my hopes set on finding a BBGM Balenciaga. Since I can't buy this bag at a store to guarantee authenticity, I have been so scared of getting ripped off. Then I found the PF. Everyone has been so helpful here on the Balenciaga forums. Helping out a newbie, LV lover when they certainly didn't have to. I have been tutored in what to look for in fakes and scams, and know when in doubt my new friends will steer me in the right direction. Thanks again for being so kind!
  2. welcome :smile:
  3. awww! welcome to the dark side! hehehe! bbags are so addictive as soon as you get your hands on the leather... you'll be hooked. prepare yourself!

    so you like pink, huh? what are you interested in? 04 rose or lilac, 05 bubblegum or magenta, 06 pale rose? :nuts:
  4. welcome, deana! i hope we are able to find you your bubblegum b-bag!
    if not there are plenty of other pinks out there too. :graucho:
  5. welcome to the madhouse. Once you bought one there's no going back anymore. I started like you with LV but after receiving my first B-bag I sold all my LVs to buy more B-bags. Ebay would be your best bet.
  6. Welcome deana! I will keep my eyes open for a bubblegum pink for you...any style in particular?
  7. lol...Yes as you ladies can see from a small glimpse of the picture of half of one wall in my walk-in closet, I have experienced firsthand the rush one gets from fullblown bag/shoe obsession. It's impossible to fit all 66 LV boxes in one picture but that is how many I have on that one wall. Yikes! It will be funny to see how many Balenciaga's I can get to join my LV children, by year's end. Well, let's keep that on the down-low as I doubt my husband would share in my excitement.
    I have my heart set on losing my Balenciaga virginity to a Bubblegum Pink. The styles in desired order are City, Office/Work, Motorcycle (but I am not really sure if BBGM comes in that style), First, Weekender, and lastly an accessories pouch (although I would like to have a bag before I get a pouch). My deffinite no styles are Purse, Twiggy, and Box. I am hoping that after I get my BBGM I can start my path to becoming a full fledged Balenciaga hussy with a 05 Sky Blue or 05 Turqoise same styles as listed above. My desire to own 05's is what lead me to plum the depth's of knowledge contained here at the PF. Along with finding that knowledge I have been thrilled to find like-minded females who also possess humor and kindness. What fun!
  8. PS...Thanks for all the links and sites suggestions like bagcraze and ateliernaff etc, which have not only given me hours of viewing pleasure but helped in my ongoing Balenciaga education. In return, if anyone ever needs an expert opinion Louis Vuitton don't hesitate to ask.