the gallery totes are back to $328

  1. they are back to the regular prices.
  2. Do you think they will be back up to full price in the store too? I was just at coach today and it was still 230? Do you think I'll be able to get it for that on the 26th?
  3. That is odd, I worked until 4 pm on christmas eve and didn't hear anything about this. Maybe it was a last minute decision. I know that there aren't many left in my store! I'll be back at work VERY early on the 26th, I'll see what I can find out.
  4. thanks so much. I plan to be at my local store as soon as the doors open on the 26th, so hopefully it will still be marked 230.

    I'm so stupid for not buying it today, but I really wanted to wait until I had Xmas cash in hand so as not to have another charge on the CC.
  5. I saw that! I thought- it must be a slightly different color??? But it doesnt seem so. Thats crazy maybe this was a one week sale or something. I saw on another thread that someone thought the ergos were back up too. (I can't verify this b/c I dont remember what the original vs. mark down prices on that were)
  6. Last week, the larger sized ergo signature hobo (style #11290) had been marked down to $188 on the Coach web site and at Macy's. I managed to purchase one in the khaki/mahogany color at my local Coach store last Thursday and with the add'l 25% discount, the final sale price was only $141 (plus local sales tax). Currently, the hobo is priced at $268 on the Coach web site; back to it's original retail price.
  7. This is really unexpected but Ranskimmie did tell us to get them while we could.
    I guess this was a Holiday sale of sorts.
  8. Awesome, i'm so glad I got my black one, I love it.
  9. Yess, their prices are back up to the reg. prices. How sadd. Sniff.* I really wanted one. But ohh, well.
  10. I wasn't even in the market to buy one and I'm bummed! :tdown:
  11. Yeah, the prices were marked down since last Sunday. Now that Christmas is over, prices might have gone back.
  12. Me too! It is so hard to turn away from a sale.
  13. Awww...too bad they went back up to the regular price! :sad:
  14. *cries* this is all so sudden!!!
  15. I called Coach and the Bleeker Duffle is still priced at $314 even though
    the website says differently. Go and get they while you can at this price
    as this will not last!