The Galleria Pm and the Neverfull-Will these Become a Classic

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  1. like the Speedy, or are they a trend that will phase out. I want to purchase, but am wondering if the style will become obsolete, particularly the Galleria hobo style :crybaby:Seems like the Speedy has been around forever, but what about some of these newer styles:confused1: Any thoughts appreciated
  2. I think the Galliera and the Neverfull are bags for a short time. They will never be classic like a Speedy or Alma. Especially all these bags with the golden "plate" are very fashionable and we will have enough of them after a short time.
    For me a really GOOD bag doesn't need these decorations with these "gold plates". :nogood:A really good bag has an effect on himself...
  3. I think the Neverfull is already a classic! It was designed to be a "starter bag", meaning the bag that most people will buy as their first LV when they start a collection. Also, the price is quite cheap which definitely makes it a winner! IMHO, it's already as famous as the Speedy! Almost everybody has one . . .

    As for the Galliera, its popularity has been growing for quite some time now, ever since it was first released. Many people have been obsessed and drawn to it, and its hobo shape definitely makes it a classic! Hobo-style bags have been around for ages, and it never really goes out of style.

    So yes, both bags you mentioned are classics IMO.
  4. The SA I spoke to said the Galliera was "permanent"
  5. :woohoo: One day I hope to have a gorgeous Galliera of my own. :yes:
  6. The Neverfull will be a classic.

    The Galliera will not. I agree with Atlantique--that gold plate does not have a long life.
  7. the Neverfull most likely. the Galleria doubtful.
  8. Yes-the Galliera is stunning, but quite expensive for something that "could" go out of style. Not sure if a LV could ever be out of style, but you know what I mean
  9. ITA with everyone who says Neverfull classic, Galliera, not so much. It's still gorgeous though!!
  10. Lehrdj- That Beauboerg is a stunner as well. Pining over it actually:okay:
  11. I think the Neverfull will most likely be a classic. The Galleria doubtful.
  12. I think the Neverfull will be around forever - and I like the fact they are doing occasional LE of this bag (MOCA, St Tropez, and I heard Portofino and St Barts may be next). I think the Galliera is a gorgeous bag and I jumped on the bandwagon quick, but I have a feeling the hype will fade on that one.
  13. I agree with the others... Neverfull with it's simplicity, yes. Galleria...trendy, albiet gorgeous, no.
  14. IMO I think the Neverfull is already a classic...but personally, I don't like it! I don't like the thin straps, some people complain about the side cinches, it never looks "closed" to me and I can always see into it and everything it is holding which I think is messy.

    I love the Galliera though. To me, it looks modern. The gold plate adds a look of the LV "luggage" lineage to the bag. The wide adjustable shoulder strap is cool. I don't know if it will become a classic, but I think what is most important is to buy the bag that appeals to you the most!
  15. i think neverfull is classified classic already. Galliera umm i dont think so.